How To: Disable and enable T-Mobile’s ‘Binge On’ from your phone

T-Mobile’s Binge On has been controversial since its announcement. If you’re not familiar with the program, T-Mobile “optimizes” video streamed over cellular data from certain video providers and doesn’t count it against your data cap. The fine print here is that it only lets you stream video in 480p. Now that people have 1080p and 1440p phones, the demand for higher resolution video is rising and people are not happy about the resolution cap. This doesn’t even take into consideration the Net Neutrality arguments.

Binge on is turned on by default. You can go into the settings of your account (if you’re an authorized user) and turn it off for your line, or you can turn it off with these quick shortcodes. Thanks to Reddit user 50atomic for bringing this to our attention.

First things first, fire up your dialer. You’ll be entering the specific codes below and you will receive a prompt with information after you hit dial.

To check your Binge On status: Dial #264# (#BNG#) and hit dial. A prompt will appear telling you either “Your BINGE ON is Enabled, to Disable dial #263#.” or “Your BINGE ON is Disabled, Dial #266# to Enable it.

To turn Binge On OFF: Dial #263# (#BNF#) and hit dial. A prompt will appear telling you that “Your BINGE ON is Disabled, to Enable dial #266#.”

To turn Binge On ON: Dial #266# (#BNO#) and hit dial. A prompt will appear telling you that “Your BINGE ON is Enabled, to Disable dial #263#.”

Binge On Short Codes

There’s one big caveat here. If you’re one of the lucky T-Mobile customers currently enjoying T-Mobile’s gift of three months of free unlimited data that lasts until March, this will kill that gift. If you’re an unlimited user, this won’t affect your data at all.

If you’d like to check out some more short codes, you can check out T-Mobile’s self-service codes page.

Source: Reddit

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