Watch ‘CodeGirl’ on YouTube for free and help take on the gender gap in Computer Science

Google believes that a diverse workforce leads to better products for diverse users, and is especially committed to reversing the negative trends around women in Computer Science. – “Women Who Choose Computer Science – What Really Matters” (White paper)

Google has done its research and learned leaving girls and women behind in Computer Science and other tech related fields of study, is a major concern for our future. Despite making up half of our workforce and earning more college degrees than men, fewer than 20% of Computer Science degrees are actually earned by women.

141031-women1-graphicAward winning documentary film maker Lesley Chilcott of “An Inconvenient Truth” and YouTube have partnered to show “CodeGirl” for free until November 5th. “An Inconvenient Truth” was a ground breaking documentary of Al Gore’s campaign to make the world aware of global warming. It is arguably one of the most influential documentaries of the 21st century and Chilcott looks to best her previous work with “CodeGirl,” a documentary about high-school aged girls from around the world who aim to better their community through technology.

By 2017, the app market will be valued at $77 Billion. Over 80% of these developers are male. The Technovation Challenge aims to change that by empowering girls worldwide to develop apps for an international competition. From rural Moldova to urban Brazil to suburban Massachusetts, CodeGirl follows teams who dream of holding their own in the world’s fastest-growing industry. The winning team gets $10K to complete and release their app, but every girl discovers something valuable along the way. – Official site CodeGirl


CodeGirl” is free to watch on YouTube with the goal of spreading the word and educating the public.

We can make a difference if we educate ourselves and take the issue of girls not being interested in Computer Science head on. According to Google’s own research, we can take on the problem following these steps:

1 Social Encouragement: encouragement from family, friends and educators, regardless of their technical expertise, reinforces existing interest and can foster interest where none exists. Outreach programs should include a parent education component, so that parents learn how to actively encourage their daughters.

2 Self Perception: interest in puzzles, problem solving and tinkering can lead to a passion for, and personal confidence in, Computer Science abilities. Providing young women with the opportunity to practice these skills in a supportive environment in activities related to their passions can help build confidence and interest.

3 Academic Exposure: experience with Computer Science in middle and high schools can motivate young women to pursue computing. Support for organizations working to expand these opportunities to more schools can increase academic and informal access, provide a greater understanding of Computer Science, and help young women make informed decisions about degree and career options.

4 Career Perception: visibility of female role models in Computer Science and telling stories about the positive social impact careers in computing can have, can enable young
women to visualize themselves in the field.

If you are a female and love to write about Android and all things related, I personally invite you to come and write for us. You can email me personally at [email protected] and I would love to help you get started in writing about technology. Or if you possibly know someone who might be interested in writing please forward them this message for me.

I am not a Computer Science major, but I do love to write about technology and can even offer insight into the world of Chemistry too, as my primary job is a Scientist at a biotech company in San Diego. You do need to show some proficiency with writing, but if you have the desire to write about Android and all things related, I would love to help show you the ropes. And I hope you can teach me a few things too. Hopefully we can help inspire girls around the world together.

The CEO of YouTube, wrote for her school newspaper in high school and is now one of the most influential people in the world. Google was even started in Susan’s garage. Anything is possible.

If you would like to learn more, please watch “Codegirl“, check out Google’s white paper and visit Use the hashtag #rallyforcodegirl to show your support.


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