Waterproof and dust free Galaxy S4 Active rumored for July release

A few days ago a Samsung executive revealed that there may be a rugged version of the Galaxy S4 in the works, and today the Wall Street Journal confirmed that possibility. According to sources, the water and dust resistant version will be called the Galaxy S4 Active, and we could see it in stores as early as this July.

It should be no surprise that Samsung is following up their ever popular S4 with a more harsh design. Without a doubt there is a market for “weather proof” phones, and should Samsung release their top-end phone in a version that can take a little extra abuse, it should get some attention. While the Galaxy S4 Active would offer just the kind of protection many have longed for, it will supposedly keep the general look and feel of a regular S4.

Check back often, as July is just a few months away and we will hopefully hear more soon.


Sources: PocketNow, The Wall Street Journal