We Made the NY Times!

News and Rumors We Made the NY Times!

Many of you Android enthusiasts might already be aware of this.  If you subscribe to the same bookmarks and RSS feeds, you probably saw that last Friday your favorite Android blog made the New York Times!  The article is called “Do AndroidGuys Dream of Google Phones” and tells a brief story on who we are and what we do.

We were contacted by Laura Holson earlier in the week, looking to ask questions about our site.  Generally, when we speak to media or other sites, we start out with the “How did you start the site” and “What was your motivation behind the site” questions.  After a few minutes of taking these questions, we realized that she was not reaching out to us to talk about Android.  Rather, she was doing a piece on instead!

It was not easy to keep that quiet and not let you guys know.  We couldn’t wait to tell everybody out there!  Let’s say that we have a couple of proud wives and moms over here in Canton, Ohio right now.

If you guys aren’t familiar with Laura Holson, she does a fantastic job covering the tech industry, mobile news, and all the other good stuff in between.  I recommend subscribing to her posts as there’s a lot that might be of interest to you.

Thanks to all of the emails and IM’s over the weekend!  Without you dedicated followers, we’d never make it to mainstream sites like the NY Times.