Web-based Android Market quietly adds new features for reviews

The web-based version of the Android Market has been found to include at least two new features centered around reviews.  Most notably, and perhaps helpful, is a notification as to which version of of the application or game was downloaded and used for review as well as the model of device.  It’s now no longer necessary to post your phone model in your review as it’s captured automatically.  Moreover, you can see if the extremely positive or negative reviews come from a certain release version of the app or as a result of a particular model.

The second feature found in the Android Market is permanent links (permalinks) to reviews.  This will be quite helpful for developers as it makes for an easy way to return to a review or share it with other members of the team.  Reviews get shuffled around quite easily because of up-voting and down-voting as well as overall volume.

There is no indication as to whether these features will find their way into the mobile version however we certainly hope for it.

What’s next?

What are the next features you would like to see integrated into the Android Market? One that immediately comes to mind would be the ability to tap a name to see other reviews by that user.

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