Weddar’s crowd-sourced weather comes to Android

Anyone who has ever traveled to different regions of the country can tell you that 90-degree weather doesn’t feel the same in Ohio as it does in Texas.  Once you factor in things like humidity, wind, and proximity to large bodies of water, a glance at your weather app simply doesn’t tell you the whole story.  Wouldn’t it be easier to look and see real, understandable stuff like “It feels awesome down by the lake today” instead? Say hello to Weddar.

Weddar is a crowd-based weather application which puts current conditions in near real-time, and in simple context.  Check the weather in your town, or maybe a place you expect to be later that day, and you’ll see how “it feels” at that time.  Using color-coded clouds, it’s simple to see whether or not it’s going to be nice outside.

Weddar is free to download and install for any Android device running 1.6 or higher, including most tablets.