Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This time of year it seems everyone’s weekends are filled up with tree decorating, family meals, and Christmas present shopping. While we may be in a slow time for new tech products, the news hasn’t stopped. We saw some headlines this weekend that you may have missed. Let’s check them out.

The newest BlackBerry Android shows its face

Our friends over at CrackBerry brought us new pictures of the long-rumored BlackBerry device to run Android and feature a QWERTY keyboard. These are unconfirmed pictures and rumors, but we may be seeing BlackBerry going back to its roots with a permanent hardware keyboard adorning the front of the device. You may remember that BlackBerry released the Priv last year with a slider keyboard and a focus on security.

Source: CrackBerry
Source: CrackBerry

We don’t know quite yet what the focus of this newest device will be. It seems that BlackBerry’s strategy will be to target business professionals and enterprise due to the massive security suite atop of Android. Hopefully, this newest device will sell a little better than the disappointing Priv.

Google On gets a facelift and a new name

If you have a Google Onhub router you’re probably familiar with the Google On app. Built to setup and control the Onhub, the On app was simple in its function. But, it’s getting a bit of an upgrade! You may remember that Google recently upgraded and renamed the Google Cast application to Home. The search giant is doing the same thing for Google On.


The newly updated app is now known as Google WiFi. The reason behind the renaming is much the as Google Home: A new product is being released that hooks into the app’s controls. For the Cast application it was Google Home and now we’re seeing Google’s WiFi Mesh Router’s release prompting the On app’s update. The new router will be released tomorrow for $129 and you can pick one up on the Google Store.

Blu solves it spyware problem by going Google

Florida-based Android OEM Blu has had a tough couple of weeks. After the release of the super popular R1 HD, security firms started looking into just what was going on under the hood of Blu’s devices. What these firms discovered wasn’t pretty. Security outfit Kryptowire caught the update software in Blu’s phones sending the contents of customer’s text messages back to a server in China. Yikes.

Blu has tried hard to be transparent about the leak. The software from Shanghai Adups Technology Co. was the last bit of software on its devices that it didn’t have access to. Blu also claims to have email evidence back up its claim that it didn’t want customer’s privacy violated and Adups chose to ignore that. Blu has released a statement noting that all devices released from December onward will come with Google’s update software.


As for current owners of Blu’s devices, they will be receiving an OTA update that eliminates Adups’ ability to gain access to the text message information. And just for good measure, Blu also hired Kryptowire (the company who found the flaw) to monitor its devices to make sure nothing fishy would continue on.

While it’s troubling that Blu had this issue in the first place, the response has been as good as possible. The family-owned business is trying its best to do right by its customers. Hopefully, those considering Blu devices realize how hard the company is working to regain trust and vote with their wallets.

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