With the Samsung Galaxy S10 release swiftly approaching it is no surprise that accessories are already popping up. What is surprising is popular screen protector maker Whitestone Dome claims that its protector is the only one to work without a hole.

Not too long ago a video surfaced online showing the Galaxy S10 with a screen protector with a rather sizable hole for the in display fingerprint scanner. I found this to be quite the eyesore and I’m sure many others are in agreement.

In display fingerprint scanners aren’t exactly new at this point and the Galaxy S10 won’t be the first mainstream phone in the US to include one. Just last year the OnePlus 6T was released using an in display fingerprint scanner.

However, Samsung makes use of a different technology for its in display fingerprint scanner. While the OnePlus 6T uses an optical scanner which works fine with most screen protectors, Samsung is opting for the more secure ultrasonic technology.

An optical scanner uses light projected from the screen to read your fingerprint. While an ultrasonic scanner uses sound waves to map your fingerprint. Most screen protectors result in an air gap between the actual screen and the protector which interferes with how the ultrasonic technology works.

Due to the Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive used with Whitestone Dome’s screen protector this gap doesn’t exist. Resulting in a screen protector that allows you to use one of the Galaxy S10’s new key features without an unsightly hole.

I’m a big fan of Whitestone Dome’s glass screen protectors in general. I’ve used them in the past and the glass surface is the closest I’ve felt to the actual glass used on the phone. Although, they can be quite daunting to apply the first time and they are not kind on your wallet.

Currently, you can find the protectors for sale starting at $60 for a two pack on Whitestone’s site. As I said, they can be rather pricey. Hopefully, in the future, Whitestone will offer a one pack version without the curing lamp. These are often more affordable for users such as myself who already have the lamp and want to save some money.

As for now, as pricey as they might be Whitestone offers the only option for full coverage protection and a working fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Whitestone is also the only screen protector manufacturer who is officially partnered with the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program at the moment.

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