Why Tune In To The Thursday Night DROIDcast? Let Me Tell You…

I'm the tall one, Matts the short one.

“Oh Scotty,” you say… “why do you harass us constantly about tuning into the AndroidGuys Thursday Night DROIDcast every week?” My response is pretty simple; “because we have a great time and we give away free stuff.”

What more could you possibly want? Oh, you want news? Check. A rotating panel of interesting guests? Check. What about special guests from the Android community? Ya, we have that too. The only reason why you wouldn’t tune into the AndroidGuys Thursday Night DROIDcast would be if you were in the hospital in a coma. And even then hopefully your family would bring a laptop into your room and play the DROIDcast live (some say listening to my voice has medicinal value… I dunno).

So, have you gotten the point? Let me share with you what’s going on this week:

  • The AndroidGals are joining me and Matt on our panel. Hear a female’s perspective on our topics!
  • Latest AdMob numbers and what they mean.
  • No Nexus One for Verizon, Google tells us to get an Incredible.
  • Sirius/XM coming to Android?
  • Android Market hits 50,000 apps.
  • Canadian News with Matthew Patience.

So why wouldn’t you tune in? There’s no reason not to! You will get the best experience by listening live, just ask any of the dozens of people that got Swype beta invites from last weeks special guest Mike McSherry, CEO of Swype Inc.

Since we’ll have the AndroidGals on the panel tomorrow, there’s a very very good chance that we will be giving away some AndroidGals shirts and decals courtesy of the dudes at AndroidSwag.com!

This Thursday,  April 29th, 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern. Be there!

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