Wikitude Drive USA Arrives in Android Market – Win 1 of 2,011 Free Copies!

Wikitude GMBH, a long time favorite developer here at AndroidGuys, have finally released the US version of their popular augmented driving application, Wikitude Drive.  Actually, they’re releasing versions for all of North America as the Canadian and Mexican versions are here today too!    What exactly is Wikitude Drive and how does it work?

Wikitude Drive works by overlaying your desired navigation route on top of a live view generated by the rear-facing camera of your Android phone.  In other words, you can see real-time images with turn-by-turn direction sitting right on top!  No more taking your eyes off the road to look at the GPS app – the road is part of the app’s secret sauce.  What’s more, there’s also voice-controlled features, and points of interest such as gas stations, hotels, and restaurants.

Here, why don’t you take a look at how Wikitude Drive works!


Addtional features:

  • Night Mode/Day Mode (Switches Automatically)
  • Road Options: Fastest Road/Shortest Road/Avoid Toll Roads/Avoid
  • Highways
  • AR Cam View can be aligned based on position
  • Birds View
  • Very fast auto-complete Address and POI Search
  • Millions of Wikitude Points of Interest
  • Pedestrian Mode
  • Integrates with Contacts
  • Metric and Imperial distances
  • Change transparency of AR information
  • Save Home Address and history
  • Customize Look&Feel by changing color of street and arrows.
  • Widget for fast access of Wikitude Drive (1 click take me home

To get things off and running, Wikitude GMBH is giving away 2,011 free copies of Wikitude Drive, good for 30 days of service. If you live in North America wanna kick the tires for a month, then you need to download one of the following versions! Hurry, because this is first come, first served!

Please note that Wikitude Drive is officially supported by a select set of Android devices (Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson X8, Sony Ericsson X10, Samsung Galaxy Tab ).  Having said that, it may still run okay on your phone.

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