Will T-Mobile be the first to launch Android Mobile ?

Earlier, Gary Krakow from thestreet.com launched a controversy when he said that there wouldn’t be a Google’s android based mobile this year.

He was totally wrong, according to HTC ‘s CEO , further more mister Krakow has confirmed in his last video that Google despite of facing roadblocks will finally launch on time their first Android based mobile, the rumor points to T-mobile to be the first operator to go. Gary added that working hard and spending so much time with T-Mobile and HTC prevents Google from moving forward with China Mobile, Sprint Nextel and other carriers for the pre-Christmas launch of Android.

I am still convinced that Google should have made the gPhone to prevent such tough problems but who knows the future is made of ?

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  1. I’m still hopeing for Sprint, and very well may wait for Sprint. What I’m wondering is, if this Android OS is supposed to be so sweet, and the new HTC Dream is supposed to be so sweet, why launch it originally on t-mobile, when they are just STARTING to roll out 3g? While Sprint is so far ahead they’re thinking of skipping right to 4g?

  2. Phil,

    I suspect that T-Mobile was more ready and willing to work with Google first than other carriers were. Sprint especially has been making nothing but ambiguous noises since the time OHA and Android were announced.

    One of the things Sprint is saying right now is that they might skip 3G and go straight to 4G for their Android phones. There is a LOT of time for Sprint to get to 4G across the US. I suspect that they just want to wait and see how Android plays out in the market before they offer their own Android phone.

    I wouldn’t wait too long for Sprint if I were you…

    A S

  3. Sprint SERO plan = $30 a month, sooo cheap!!

    I was under the impression that t-mobile would release HTC Dream somewhere around November, and then Sprint would launch the HTC Dream CDMA version in Jan or Feb. Same Android OS, same phone, same everything, just with Sprint.

    2 questions:

    1 – By Jan/Feb, in all reality, do you think they’ll really have 4g nationwide by then?

    2 – If so, or if not so, would there even be a 4g phone by then, or could they order the HTC Dream in 4g?

    And since I’m on the roll of asking questions, I’ve heard t-mobile 3g is lame. If the Dream isn’t quad band (can work on ATT 3g as well since t-mobile is so far behind launching their 3g), I don’t know if I’ll go for it.

  4. Phil,
    i dont think the 4g technology will be suitable for nationwide coverage, WiMax isnt suitable for urban environment so i think for jan 2008 its too late to reach the challenge…
    no carriers worldwide have launched nationwide wimax technology…its reserved for rural non urban cities.


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