I have a Nexus S 4G on Sprint. And I’m mad as heck. Well… not mad, but frustrated. It has been nearly 5 months since Android 4.0 was announced at a special event in Hong Kong. My girlfriend and I waited, stayed up, watched it and fell in love with the update. This was literally everything I’ve wanted.  Once the Ice Cream Sandwich update arrives, my Nexus S 4G would absolutely be the best phone ever made!


And so began the very familiar wait for any information. I set up my usual Google Alerts for “Android 4.0 Nexus S 4G”… and waited. I checked all the big tech sites – daily, sometimes hourly, for the first few weeks. No dates. I wasn’t totally turned off, like I said, with Android we are used to NO information – which is ridiculous. Then hark! Early December 2011, I was tipped off by my Google+ community of Nexus S users – that the update may be released by the end of December! Hooray! Best Christmas present ever.  However, as we all know, that didn’t happen – or did but… then didn’t. The update appeared to have been released for “some” GSM users then paused due to a battery issue.

Anyway, long story short, this is ridiculous. I bought a phone from the Nexus line to enjoy the earliest of updates and get the pure Android experience. Both is crap. The Nexus S should have been the first to get Android 4.0 period.

Now I hear from my angry fellow Google+ Nexus S friends, that there’s a new rumor that the Nexus S may never get the update. You have to be kidding me. I’ve waited this entire time and now an update may really not happen? I’ve heard rumors that the now antiquated Wimax (or the “slower” processor) may be to blame, but the phone is not even a year old (on Sprint)! Google should have prepared the device for further updating – prior to release.  And, really, the 4G is a joke. Or maybe it’s just me… on the Nexus S, since it has such terrible reception… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8-_hwx8ZEc[/youtube].

I really feel that Google and Sprint owe us an explanation. Are you going to upgrade this phone or not? Simple question. No need for secrecy. If not, I have suffered with a phone with a bad radio, weird ticks, and poor battery life in the wry hopes of getting Android 4.0 … for nothing.

I literally don’t know where to go from here – rooting does not appeal to me for multiple reasons, the main one simply being I shouldn’t have to! And my girlfriend has an iPhone, so I know both worlds – both options, per se. And, I am not really into the iPhone. I primarily use Google products for work and – let’s face it – the Android platform has the best integration with Google products. She is using Microsoft Exchange to sync things and doesn’t have a native Docs app, that I use on a daily basis.

I am alone on an island just waiting for my next direction to be screamed at me by Google.  Thank God I have a great community of fellow Android and Nexus users who are just as upset as I am on Google+.  We even started a petition to get Google and Sprint to listen… if you’re one of us make sure to sign it!

Make a simple announcement Google, before you lose an entire generation to Windows Phone 7 or the iPhone.

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