WIRED Article Details Android’s Long Term Goals

News and Rumors WIRED Article Details Android's Long Term Goals

There’s an article in July’s issue of Wired that goes pretty in-depth with Google, Android, and all things related. It’s a nice big read along the lines of 5,000 words. While it might not be a ton of brand new information for loyal AndroidGuys readers, the casual cellular fan could learn quite a bit from it. For the first time practically anywhere we find out how much Motorola has invested in Android.

Motorola has gone a step further. The company’s handset business, slated to be spun off, is on life-support, and it’s counting on Android for a comeback. It has assigned its top designers — the people who crafted the Razr — to create new must-have models. Engineers from Good Technology, the BlackBerry competitor Motorola purchased in 2006, are now writing applications for Android. For Motorola, Android has to work.

You’ll find bits of information on Andy Rubin, Dan Morrill, and some other familiar names. It’s definitely worth printing out and reading through as you get a good sense of what Google plans to do with Android. It’s a great starting place for your friends who ask “What the heck is Android and why would Google want to give it away for free?”

See if you can find AndroidGuys in the article! We got a mention under the fanboys part. HINT: Page 4 We contacted the author, Daniel Roth, who told us that he has us in his RSS feed on hourly updates. Thanks Daniel!