Wireless Tether: A Love Story

wireless_tetherThis is more of a personal recommendation than it is an application review.  Anyone who does work on the go nowadays knows just how essential “all over” internet access is.  But wireless data-only plans are often expensive and require another piece or two of hardware, and their respective chargers that you have to manage.  With my new Google Voice account, PC Skype availability, and continuous e-mail connectivity, I almost need a mini-PBX to take with me.  That’s where Wireless Tether comes in.  This application has transformed my T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G into must-have devices far beyond their phone calling capabilities.

Actually, Wireless Tether’s name may be it’s biggest offense in that it does not tether in the traditional sense like I use to use with my BlackBerry Curve via Bluetooth.  When I used my Curve it was a one-to-one ratio, one BBerry to one PC and it was usually a Windows PC unless I was willing to get under the CLI (command line interface) hood on my Linux machines.  So while this setup was fine for a short burst of communication and albeit unreliable Bluetooth connectivity over EDGE, it cannot match Wireless Tether’s abilities.  The application lets you choose between two types of connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi. I have only used the WiFi option but it lets you change SSID’s, create/change passphrases, change channels, and also notifies when you or anyone else connects and disconnects to your PAN (personal area network).

Wireless Tether basically converts the 3G signal of my phone into a WiFi frequency and in effect makes my phone a hotspot that can be used anywhere I can get a signal and shows up as just another wireless network.  I usually get 1mbps down when I test the speed so I cannot tell if there is any degradation of the signal as that is about what I get when I test it on my G1.  This application can only be loaded via your Android browser or as an .apk from your SDcard and requires root access to your device.  Bundled with T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan this app is an absolute savior for the Road Warrior Robot.


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