Motorola: ‘The new Motorola starts today’

Motorola wants you to know that despite all the great stuff from the past few years (decades, really), they are just getting going.  Perhaps a result of the Google pairing, or possibly as a result of knowing how many patents they are sitting on, Motorola today promised that today is the start of a new Motorola.

So what’s new?  For starters, they have announced that there will be “Developer Editions” of their handsets, most likely something with unlocked bootloaders or just something ready to flash.

The new Motorola is committed to three things right now: Speed, Power Management, and Android.  This trio of core values is what will drive innovation and new devices over the foreseeable future as they look to gain ground on Samsung, LG,  and other players.

A bit of goodwill

Motorola advises that most of their 2011 devices will see Android 4.1 very soon, but did not say which would and would not.  However, either you get Jelly Bean for your phone or they’ll pay you for it, literally.

Did you get burned by a Motorola device that you expect to see get Android 4.1 only to learn that it will not? Motorola has some great news for you! You will get a $100 credit towards one of the new models announced today.  Sure, it’s a way of getting you back into a store and recommitting to a carrier, but nobody else will pony up a Benjamin for your troubles.

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