Sometimes tricking a connected device into showing it’s somewhere else can come in handy. Whether it’s pranking friends or utilizing GPS manipulation to watch your favorite shows when not available in the US, location spoofing can be useful. WooTechy joins this fold with iMoveGo and has a great option for users.

What is location spoofing?

Location redirection, or spoofing, uses a virtual process to trick your GPS location. This gives your devices a signal from different geolocations that doesn’t match your physical GPS location. The spoofing uses IP-based location data to tell your connected devices it’s in another state, country, or region based on this virtual networking.

Essentially, you are creating a digital middleman to say you live with him instead of your normal address. This can be done in several different methods from VPN to other spoofing protocols.

Why do I need it?

Why in the world would you need something like this? The main reasons tend to fall under gaming or media restrictions based on your geolocation. Popular games like Pokemon GO relay GPS data as part of the gaming process. Tricking the software into thinking you’re somewhere else may unlock special features, tricks, or levels.

Now, to be clear, Pokemon GO’s developers, Niantic, have a pretty strong stance against using location changing and may ban its players should they get caught. In other words, proceed with caution, buyer beware, and all that if you’re considering Pokemon GO spoofing.

The same is true for streaming media services. Many of the top-tier options like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have different copyright agreements dependent on the region. I might be able to watch a popular show on Netflix that’s not available in the United States by confusing the software that I’m in the UK instead.

Does iMoveGo do the trick?

Yes. WooTechy iMoveGo Android location spoofer does a great job using a combination of desktop software and mobile spoofing to alter your logged location on Android. You can use the Teleport feature to manipulate your location to pretty much anywhere on the planet with documented map data. You can even simulate a fake movement between two locations if you want.

To accomplish this, you download the free version of the Mac or Windows application. Next, you’ll connect your device and enable Debugging. Only iOS devices support Wi-Fi connection while Android devices can only be connected via a USB cable. You then follow the prompts to get set up. Don’t worry, you can choose to connect via WiFi after the initial connection is established.

After your phone is recognized, you simply click the Teleport option and choose your new location. Locations can be found by using the Joystick or entering a spot on the map search. Then, you will choose Move button under your search field.

That’s it. Once you’ve done that, the iMoveGo software stays in sync with your phone to make sure the location is relayed to your desired location. If you want to create a travel spoof you can choose a second or many multi-stop movements in the Teleport menu.

Ok, there are a few caveats to mention. One, you have to stay either wired or wireless connection to your PC to make iMoveGo’s magic work, but this seems to be true for all spoofing apps on the market. Another common question is does this require root access on Android or jailbreaking on iOS. This is resoundingly no, however, USB debugging is simple for most but can be confusing to novice users.


iMoveGo offers a solid suite of software to spoof your location for mobile apps. Whether it’s social media, AR games, streaming providers, or should you want to change your location on Snapchat, you can unlock global access in most instances. Nothing is one hundred percent in this realm of the internet, but iMoveGo is a top-notch choice.

Pricing isn’t bad either. The free edition can get you going but is limited to five GPS relocations via Teleport and only a single 2-stop option. To unlock iMoveGo’s full potential, you need to upgrade to monthly payments. This is $9.95 per month, $19.95 per quarter, or $59.95 for a lifetime subscription in advance.

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