Is it Really Worth Putting Android on a Netbook?

While the tech-addict in me would love to own and play with an Android based netbook, the question must be asked:  Does an Android netbook make much sense?

Now before you go blasting me out of the water, (which I admit, may be deserved), take a look at the netbooks that are available right now for purchase.  You can get a pretty decent netbook with some great specs for about $300 or so that will serve you quite well.  If portability is what you seek, there are products running all flavors of OS to satisfy your need.

Would having an Android powered netbook be something that is actually useful, or something that would be a novelty?  Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to have a lot more real estate on a touch screen, and I would love to have more processing and memory power behind the OS; but I am struggling with the idea of using Android in it’s current form reliably on netbook hardware.  If I was to buy a netbook, it would need to be something that I could use without struggle, bugs or problems.  It would not need to be a beta unit, like most of the Android netbooks are right now.  I also would not be look for a netbook that was hooked into a carrier for mobile broadband, I simply do not have an application for that use.

Will Android mature to a point where it will be the preferable OS for mobile computing over the current choices?  I really hope so.  I would love to see a stable netbook flavor of Android that would work in conjunction with my handset, and all the Google Apps that I use daily.  Do I think it will happen?  Not anytime soon.  My feeling is that there will be a few netbook offerings out there that will be mildly successful, but it won’t be a must have item.

Does an Android netbook make much sense?  Regrettably, not at this moment.  I hate saying that, I really do.  However, if I am going to lay down $300, it needs to be very far from beta.

Let the flames begin.

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