Yet Another Motorola Android device leaked, looks familiar

Recently, a Motorola device was leaked under the name Droid Fighter, which we expect will be hitting Verizon sooner or later. Now another Motorola device has been leaked out somewhere in China, and it looks a lot like the Fighter, but it’s being called the  “Blade”. Something about the name points us to another Razr device from Motorola, which wouldn’t be surprising.

We know from the photo above that the device has a large screen, a front facing camera, and the typical Android capacitive keys as well. There’s a kevlar covering on the backside, and we have seen it on devices from the Razr line. Rumor has it that the Blade will come with a 13MP HD camera, and hopefully a good-sized 3,300 mAh battery.

At any rate, let’s see if the device is destined for Verizon Wireless or if Motorola is planning to make it exclusive to China. Based on the rumored specs above, who’s looking forward to the Moto Blade? Sound off in the comments!