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Almost all of us have car chargers.  They’re pretty much a necessity these days, as no one wants to have to go home in order to charge their phone/tablet.  A dead phone battery can elicit calls from your parents wondering if you are dead because you didn’t answer the phone.  Some of us have portable batteries, that we choose to lug with ourselves, for those days when we know we will be in need of power.  But many of us use our cars as our portable charger which makes the CHOETECH 30W Smart Dual USB Adaptive Fast Car Charger even more of a necessity.  That is unless you are one of those people that commute for 30-60 minutes per trip where standard charging is acceptable.

Flagship phones released last year have been equipped with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 which can charge devices up to 75% faster than conventional chargers.  This is very important for cars, because sometimes you just have 5 to 15 minutes between destinations, and many times you could be using Google Maps GPS which pulls on the battery as well.  Having CHOETECH’s charger will allow you to charge your compatible device to a usable amount of battery power that will allow you to get along on throughout the day without having to worry about conserving battery life.  So if you find yourself using a car charger to get you throughout the day, replace it with CHOETECH’s dual USB car charger.  The unit lives up to its name.

Build Quality – CHOETECH is a name you can trust.  I have reviewed their Quick Charge 2.0 portable battery, and the auto charger has the same high-quality build.  Car chargers are not really something to get excited about, it’s not like you should expect it to do anything more than charge your device and the CHOETECH car charger does exactly that.  I prefer chargers like this one without a permanent cable attachment, because those cables can break and having the ability to swap cables means this charger should last a long time.  Plus you can pick up extra-long cables if your passengers in the back need to charge their device too.  The CHOETECH charger was built with quality in mind – when handling the charger it feels well-built and solid, and should last many years to come.


Usage – This charger can work with all portable devices, as it has two USB plugs.  One USB outlet has Quick Charge 2.0 technology built-in with auto detect, so don’t worry about using that plug for any device.  It won’t quick charge the devices that are not compatible, but it will still charge at normal speeds.  The other port is a standard high-speed USB outlet that can charge iPads and iPhones at maximum speed.  When I used the charger in my truck, I was immediately impressed as the CHOETECH charger lived up to its name.  My Samsung Galaxy Note Edge immediately recognized that a Quick Charge charger was attached and it charged my device as expected.  After 3-5 trips, where I was low on power because my phone runs Lollipop 5.0.1, I knew my old charger would go by the wayside.  With just 15 minutes of charging, I added ~20% battery life to my phone while streaming music to my radio.  I even bought a couple extra CHOETECH chargers for my parent’s vehicles, as my Mom uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and hates to run out of battery power.  Quick charging is a feature that I can’t live without when I need power and I am on the road.


What I liked:

  • Build quality
  • Slim design
  • Dual USB outlets
  • Quick Charge 2.0 compatible
  • Compatibility with all devices
  • Incredible value at $15.99, but an even better value with the 33% discount code (88PKZDLL) supplied by CHOETECH

What I didn’t like:

  • I didn’t like that I couldn’t find anything wrong with this accessory.  It makes this review seem biased, but it isn’t as I spent my own money buying my parents this charger.

Final thoughts:

At less than $11.00 through Amazon.com, this car charger is a steal.  Home chargers cost more than this plug with the same technology built-in.  Just because the CHOETECH charger is such a value, does not mean they compromised the build-quality.  This is a premium device at an incredible price.   Having the ability to take advantage of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 is even more important on the road vs. at home.  I need power when I am out and about, and this charger meets that need.  I suggest you pick up this accessory today.  CHOETECH backs the charger up with an 18-month warranty although I doubt you should ever need to use it, because this is one solid charger.



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