heart_phoneIt’s Friday again kiddies!  Time for the weekly feedback question.  Nice and simple with room for a ton of different answers.

Which handset maker excite you the most… and why?

Leave a comment below and share with the class!

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  1. Samsung has always done me right, hardware wise, and even for some WinMo upgrades…. if only WinMo wasn't teh suck.

  2. Nokia. They stand on their own feet. "Unbranded" (read: fully capable) and unlocked devices available.

  3. SonyEricsson is my favorite. They build tough phones with a nice design. The only minus is that even if you activate key lock, there are some keys you can still use.

  4. Samsung hardware has always been good for me. I did love my Moto Razr, that thing was a tank. AllI really care about is who get Tegra w/android first.

  5. Nothing touches the G1 at the moment. However as much as I love and need a physical keyboard, the G2 looks really nice. What will be worth keeping on eye on though will be the new Toshiba 01. I know most people are relishing the Palm Pre, which will most likely be a really "cool" phone. However, besides a slick interface and a new SDK I dont see much meat to it. The Toshiba will be the first to use the SnapDragon cpu at 1Gz. Ive always said, I refuse to use WinMo until theres a 1 Gz phone….. well here it is. At I think it will launch WinMo into a whole new ballgame. The biggest gripe with WinMo is crashes/hanging/dusgusting memory management; the new CPU couple with more ram and a slick interface should propel WinMo to new heights. But Im still keeping my G1 =)

  6. For now the G1. Personally I love the capabilities it currently has and the potential to be so much more. Pre-G1 I have always loved the Samsung phones, but now. I could never go back to anything with a (smaller screen, no or half qwerty keyboard {blackberry sucks}, non touch screen, zero or little apps development, and poor interface). HTC has my attention for now.

  7. The G1 is my third HTC device, I've always been a big fan of them. It would take quite a bit to convince me to buy a non-HTC phone at this point.

  8. Not HTC. Esp after they announced all their android phones will be plain bars of soap with chins… At this point, I'll have to say SE (provided its HTC built)

  9. If Nokia builds a high-tier Android phone, I'd buy it without even knowing how it looks like. But that won't happen, Nokia is 200% committed to S60… but excellent manufacturer…

  10. Sony Ericsson for their superior firmware/software UI back on the k750i + …plus plenty of 3rd party synchronisation and backup software such as MyPhoneExplorer :D

  11. Glad you like the G1. I personally hate the keyboard on it. I also think it's ridiculous that there's no standard stereo output jack. I agree that the form factor is nice and the keyboard mechanism seems sturdy and solid, but all in all I think it's a crappy phone compared to other HTC offerings. It really just feels like it was rushed to market to me, and I'm sure as a G1 owner you've heard all these arguments before. I wish there was something that felt like a BlackBerry Bold that could handle Android. The keyboard blows that of the G1 totally out of the water, and the trackball feels better to me too. Light-weight, beautiful display, all the way around an excellent feeling phone. That's before you take into account how much slower T-Mo's 3G is, especially where I live. If I could marry the high-end RIM phone designs with the developer base (and developer base POTENTIAL) of Android, I'd be done wasting all my time on phone forums. I think that combination would literally allow me to feel a small sense of contentment as the rest of the market keeps going. I couldn't agree more with you about WinMo though. I don't expect to see an HTC phone tempt me until they have more full-featured Android phones available.

  12. MOTOROLA!!! Remember Motorola guys? Remember the StarTac? It was like the Microtac but cooler! I miss you Moto, and while my 8800 BB gets me by, its has never satisfied me like my microtac did. Please, all I ask is android running touchscreen, with vga rez, forward and rear facing cameras, with a decent processor, and to top it off, a Telescope Antenna!! Think about that last one, a telescope antenna on a touchscreen! Little bit old-school, but it would keep it real!!

  13. To be honest the one Hardware manufacturer that is working with Android that excites me is Archos. I just like the idea of a 7 " screen (though it seems like they are going with the 5" first) and Android + Steel (android app for a browser) and some good high quality video playback. If they really are going to give it a good processor and a 500GB hard drive then it would serve as a highly functional netbook competitor (not netbook but netbook competitor). I also want to EDIT and View office documents (in know that stuff is still in the works but give it time). That would be phat !

  14. Here is another thought to boot. If they give the Archos a HDMI port or VGA out then I could have Android on my 42 " 1080P Toshiba Regza TV

  15. C0rey I couldnt agreen more about the headphone jack. When I got the phone I thought to myself "eh… who cares about a 3.5 mm jack I can get by with the new format"). BLEH I SAY! BLEH AND BAH HAMBUG! I really miss a good pair of headphones. I keep telling myself when cupcakes come out and the A2DP support is available then it wont matter, but in the meantime… its a pain in the arse. Regarding what you said about spotty 3G, Im in Hollywood FL and I love it. Hollywood I mean…. AND the service lol. Actually its very good coverage here. Im constantly timing my 3G against freinds' iPhones and I constantly kill them. I had a BB Curve before I got my G1 and while Ill admit I got the G1 because of the touch interface, Ive seriously fallen in love with it. While the Curve was truly a magnificent phone, and when the 4.5 OS came out I nearly…………… wait for it……… Jizzed in my pants lol. But the mere fact that BAZZILLIONS of people will be developing for this OS (including myself) was enough for me to want it more…. and I may never turn back =)

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