After the debacle that surrounded the OnePlus One, wait, OnePlus Two, Carl Pei, the co-founder, has decided to “apologize” for it. OnePlus under-estimated the demand for the second year in a row, and took far too long to get their first production devices out to those with invites in-tow.

In a move to try and appease everyone, Carl Pei announced in a statement posted to the OnePlus forums, the co-founder stated the following:

Over the past few days, we’ve been discussing how we can make it up to our fans for the delay. One of the best ideas we have is to open sales up for an hour sometime later this month or early next, to make the entire process a bit more painless for would-be OnePlus 2 users. We will need to look into production and operations to determine when this is most feasible. We’ll keep you posted.

So if you want a OnePlus 2, but haven’t gotten an invite yet, you’ll be able to hopefully purchase one later this month. However, you’ll only have a one-hour window to do so. Remember, the servers will probably be slammed the second that the floodgates are opened, so we can only wish everyone the best of luck with this adventure.

OnePlus 2 Invites

After messing up the release of the OnePlus One, you would think that OnePlus would get it right the second time around. At this rate, maybe it’s third times the charm for the folks over at OnePlus. But maybe next time, they shouldn’t promise that invites will be “30-50x easier to get”, or maybe they should just plan accordingly and get rid of the invites altogether.

Have you been one of the lucky few to get your hands on the OnePlus 2, or are you amongst the army of frustrated users who want it but can’t have it? Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know what you think about this planned one-hour charade. In the mean time, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as to when this one-hour free-for-all will be, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Source: OnePlus Forums
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  1. One hour game is good. Luckiest people will get invite .i have a link of ten people waiting for an invite and share invite to each other.we will b waiting till end of this month for op2 otherwise we will choose other phones

  2. I am following this from past 3 months and watching this blind games which is going on and on and announcing every time new strategy and Now they says “OnePlus 2 without an invite, for an hour”.
    Why they are playing this crap games and playing with people patients and emotions.

    This is not at all right for ONPLUS team.

  3. I originally wanted to get the oneplus 2 but after not being able to get an invite and being nowhere close to getting one either I learned that Motorola was releasing the Moto X Pure Edition or Style as it is known internationally and I just had to have it. While I was waiting to preorder the Moto, a friend offered me a oneplus 2 invite. I refused the invite, oneplus 2 is just not worth the wait and frustration. Just yesterday I received my customized Moto! I couldn’t love it more. The turbo charger and the included bumper are nice additions to a truly great phone.

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