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Game Development Bundle

Learn Game Development with this premium bundle

Have you ever wanted to learn to make your own games? If that sounds exciting then the 2022 Premium Learn Game Development Bundle is...

Marvel Strike Force is a quality licensed title for fans of the comics

There is no shortage of comic-inspired gaming to be had in the Play Store, particularly around the Marvel universe. How does Marvel Strike...

Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset review

The Audeze Mobius doesn't come cheap, but when you're looking for a planar magnetic gaming headset with unparalleled quality and loads of features, they can't be beat.

19 new Game Ready titles added to the list for GeForce Now

Nvidia has added 19 new titles to its GeForce Now roster of games, a lot of older and newer games join the fold and all of them can be played in a click!

In Adventure of Priestess, your biggest enemy is the game’s translation (Review)

Adventure of Priestess suffers from a terrible translation and a tedious progression system, which unfortunately hide the few good aspects of the game.

Man or Vampire: A journey into the afterlife (Review)

Man or Vampire brings a fresh take on the old-school style of turn-based combat, although you will have to deal with some unpleasantries.

Grim Soul – Don’t Starve meets Dark Souls, in the worst possible way.

Grim Soul: Fantasy Survival looks to blend a few different genres: Fantasy, Survival, Crafting, Stronghold-Building...but can it pull it off? How does it stand up to other games that focus on those genres?

V-Moda’s Crossfade 2 review: Pricey, delightful headphones that can take a beating

From start to finish the V-Moda Crossfade 2 are built with the utmost attention to detail. They're more expensive than what some might want to spend, but this reviewer found them to be among the absolute best headphones.

Rider: Get ready for some flipping, hard-to-control action (Review)

The Google Play Store has games for any kind of gamer. Do you like lenghty games with a lot of content and a big...

Dark Echo: A thrilling, sound-only adventure (Review)

When you see the first games coming out for the Play Store, and compare it with the games we currently have, we can see...

Cube Knight: An entertaining mashup of different genres (Review)

In a marketplace as big as the Play Store, it is really hard to get your app noticed. Numerous studies done throughout the years...

Editor’s Picks: 11 apps we think you should try!

Hey guys, back again this week with another edition of Editor's Picks. This week we're featuring a bunch of awesome games along with some...

App and Game News (June 21)

Thousands of apps and games get added to/updated on the Google Play Store every day and it is easy to miss these updates. It’s...

Ragnarok: Heroes of Midgard could use some Godly help (Review)

Overview Ragnarok: Heroes of Midgard is a free-to-play card collecting/RPG game that has a lot of potential, but also a lot of faults. Developer: OmegaGamesLLC Cost: Free...

App and Game news you may have missed (June 6)

Thousands of apps and games get added to/updated on the Google Play Store every day and it is easy to miss these updates. It's...