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Pandigital’s $200 Color e-reader Due in June, Supports Barnes & Noble

Pandigital, a company known for digital picture frames, will be dropping their first e-reader, the Novel, next month. For $200, users will get a...

Fatal Assumptions: Touch

The Fatal Assumptions blog post series will review some assumptions Android application developers may make, and why those assumptions may harm their app's acceptance,...

Handling Multiple Screen Sizes, Part Four

We continue our exploration of handling multiple screen sizes in today's episode of Building 'Droids!

The Tides are Turning as Developers Leave Apple for Android

A half of a year is all it took for some to see that Apple's way of doing things is not always superior to that of others. Will developer unrest end up being the cause for some of Android's best applications?

Layout Problems Redux: Hierarchy Viewer

In the previous Building 'Droids post, we went through an exercise of figuring out what was going wrong with a RelativeLayout used as rows...

Google’s (Not So) Secret Strategy

Let’s say you’re an average 20 billion dollar company, with a sparse webpage and a search box. And since you’re swimming in money...

34 Weeks of OHA #26

Company Name: SONiVOXHow the OHA site classifies them: Software CompanyWhat the OHA site says about them: SONiVOX is a premier developer of audio technologies...

34 Weeks of OHA: 19

So, I'm doing a fracking fantastic job of the alphabetical order thing. In answer to your questions, yes, I did attend grade 3. What's...
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