Promoted Content Packages

Standard Promoted ContentPremium Promoted Content
– Allow one do-follow link
– 24-hour window for post-publish edit requests
– Minor editing for grammar, syntax, and punctuation
– 1-year placement
– At least 25% prepayment required for new clients
– Price grandfathered for 90 days
– Standard disclaimer included in content
– Up to three do-follow links, including casino, gambling, forex, and crypto content
– 72-hour window for post-publish edit requests
– Minor editing for grammar, syntax, and punctuation
– Lifetime placement
– Price grandfathered for 180 days
– Flexible disclaimer in content

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Frequently Asked Questions


How many links can I include?

You can include one link to your destination. Additionally, UTM or tracking codes are permitted.

Are the links do-follow?

Yes, once approved by an editor, we maintain the provided links as they are.

Word Count

Is there a word count range I should follow?

There are no strict limits. You’re free to submit content with as few or as many words as you’d like. However, most clients prefer content with at least 400 words.


Can I personalize the permalink?

Certainly, you can request shorter or specific URLs if they are available.

Can I select the category for my content?

For Standard promoted posts, all content will be listed under the “Promoted” category. However, the Premium option allows you to choose a custom category.


Will my content be labeled as sponsored?

To comply with FTC regulations, we include a small disclaimer at the end of the article indicating that it is paid, sponsored, or promoted content due to compensation received.

Link Insertion

Can you insert links into existing content?

At present, we don’t offer link insertion as a service. However, we’re actively considering this for the future based on expressed interest.

Hosting Duration

How long will my post be visible online?

By default, your post will remain published for a minimum of one year, unless agreed otherwise.

Content Restrictions

Are casino/gambling links allowed?

Casino and gambling links are prohibited in our Standard promoted content, but they are permitted within our Premium option.

Are forex/crypto links allowed?

Similar to casino/gambling links, forex and crypto links are not allowed in our Standard promoted content but can be included in our Premium option.

Publication Timeframe

How soon will my post go live?

Typically, we schedule posts within approximately 24-36 hours after receiving them.

What if I need revisions after publication?

Editing requests must be submitted within 24 hours of notification of publication

Content Creation

Can you write the article for me?

Certainly, we offer an editorial option where we can draft the content for a nominal fee.

Additional Information

What else should I be aware of?

If you require editorial modifications, please request them within the initial 24 hours after publication to ensure timely adjustments.

How is payment handled?

Payment is processed via PayPal; an invoice is offered to all clients. First-time collaborations require at least 25% (non-refundable) payment ahead of publication.