Equil Smartpen, 47% off

So many things in today’s world are made significantly better by constantly evolving technology. Why scrub dishes in scummy water when your dishwasher can do a more effective job? Why spend hours shoveling when your snow-blower will make short work of it? Technology can make us more powerful and efficient but what about the intangibles? Have you ever jotted your signature on a touch pad and had it look more legible than if you would have actually taken pen to paper? I mean, looking at my digital chicken scratch is almost a comedy bit when I sign for things at grocery store. While I’m certainly no Luddite, I do think some tasks still benefit from a tactile touch. Enter the Equil Digital & Ink Smartpen.

The Equil Smartpen takes your written work and seamlessly creates a carbon copy for management in your digital word. No need to scan your pages or use an expensive pressure-sensitive tablet; Equil works with any type of paper. You can write notes, drawings, and sketches by hand and they’ll be automatically securely stored. Equil is lightweight and easily transported thanks to its compact design and can even be programmed to recognize commands based on your gestures. Truly bringing the best of the tangible and digital worlds together, the Equil Smartpen regularly goes for $150 but AndroidGuys readers can claim it, today, for only $79.

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