Save more than 30% on the FeiyuTech G6 Plus Handheld Gimbal (Promoted)

When it comes to taking photographs and videos on the go, the ideal situation is to just use your smartphone. But some of us need some extra stability to make sure that the content doesn’t come back all blurry.

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That’s where a gimbal fits into the equation, as this will help you keep your phone or camera stable. This brings us to the FeiyuTech G6 Plus Gimbal, which is currently seeing a great sale on TomTop.

Why the FeiyuTech G6 Plus?

The G6 Plus is a 3-axis gimbal, allowing you to get the perfect shot, regardless of the angle. What is even more awesome is that this is an electric gimbal, so that you can control everything from the handle.

FeiyuTech G6 Plus Gimbal Hero

Being able to control the angles from the handle, gives you more time to create content. Under the hood, the G6 Plus features a 5,000mAh battery which promises to provide 9-hours of operation.

There is also an “auto-rotation mode” so that the G6 Plus will follow a pre-set route. This is beneficial for those who want to create a motion time-lapse, especially since you can lock the angles for up to two of the axis.

As for those viewing angles, here is what the FeiyuTech G6 Plus brings:

  • Tilting Angle: 260° (Lens up/down direction)
  • Rolling Angle: 320° (keep horizontal)
  • Panning Angle: 360° (Unlimited)


FeiyuTech G6 Plus Compatibility

In terms of what devices are compatible with the G6 Plus, here’s a brief list:

  • Sony RX100
  • Sony A6300 (16-50mm or 28-70mm lens)
  • Sony A6500 (16-50mm or 28-70mm lens)
  • Canon M10 (15-45mm lens)
  • Go Pro Action Cameras
  • Smartphones with a width between 54-87mm

It’s important to note that while the G6 Plus will work with smartphones, you will need the proper adapter. From there, you can use your smartphone of choice to record content to your heart’s content.

How to buy one and save a few bucks

Now that you’ve heard everything about the G6 Plus, you are likely wondering about pricing. Normally, this gimbal is priced at $399, but for a limited time, you can get one for just $269.

But wait, there’s more! If you want to save a few more dollars, use coupon code CMD5 at checkout. This will bring your price down to just $252 with free shipping.

If you are interested in picking up the FeiyuTech G6 Plus gimbal for yourself, hit the button below. Be sure to sound off in the comments and let us know what you think about this gimbal.

Buy the FeiyuTech G6 Plus!

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