Get a pocket laptop from TomTop for under $500! (Promoted Deal)

I’ve got a little something fun for you today. Technically it’s a Windows device, not an Android device, but Shhhh, it’ll just be our little secret, Dear Android Guys. Netbooks were extremely popular once upon a time, but they have largely been replaced by tablets (often with keyboards attached) and, occasionally, tablet PCs. But today, friends, I present to you a rather odd combination of both of those things – the GDP Pocket Laptop.

For sale over at TomTop for $519, this little beast boasts a 7″ touchscreen, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, and an Intel Atom x7 processor – quite a powerhouse, in a frame that fits (albeit snugly) in your pocket or purse. It also features Type-C USB charging and a 7000mAh, 12 hour battery life, meaning you should have no problem keeping it powered. As if those specs weren’t enough to drool over, TomTop has decided to sweeten the pot with a cornucopia of accessories included for free: a leather pouch, Type-C USB hub, Type-C card reader, data cable, and screen protector are all yours, free of charge.

 But that’s not all, Android Guys – we have a special discount for you, too; $25 off when you use coupon code LSRGDP24, bringing your total down to $495. Get yours today!

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