Smartphones have become a way of life for many of us. Many studies have come out that indicate people feel anxious and cut off if they don’t have their phone. Personally, I’m one of those people. If my phone is broken, or even if it’s just dead, I definitely feel cut off from the rest of the humanity. How am I supposed to check out some dank memes on Reddit without my phones?

If you’re like me and you have to have a phone, you might want to invest in the Leagoo Z1C that’s currently on sale at Light in the Box. It’s normally $79.99 but it’s marked down all the way to $29.99. This is the perfect phone to pick up now and keep in a drawer in case your phone breaks, you go on vacation and don’t want to risk your very expensive flagship device, or if you’re looking for a first phone for a teen or your elderly parents.


The Leagoo Z1C features an incredibly important feature for travelers, dual SIM card support. With dual SIM cards, you can the SIM card from your current carrier in the phone then grab another SIM in the country you’re traveling to and slip it into the phone as well. This will let you use the phone to make calls and send texts from your normal phone number while buying a data plan for the local carrier and save you from all of those data roaming charges that can add up to more than your house payment!

The phone also has 8GB of onboard storage but also supports microSD cards. Again, this is perfect for travelers who want to watch movies on your flight and pairs well with Netflix’s ability to save shows and movies to the phone for offline viewing.

Reference guide to US carrier bands and networks

The quad-core processor and 512MB of ram are by no means flagship standard for today’s devices but they’ll be enough to check your social media accounts, snap some pictures, and send emails. The 1400mAh battery should have no problem keeping the phone powered for a full day since the specs are rather humble.

If you’re interested in picking up the Leagoo Z1C, you can head over to Light in the Box now to pick one up for only $29.99.

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