Grab Xiaomi’s Mi IV Piston Earphones for only $11.99! (Promoted Deal)

If you’re anything like me, music rules your world around you. There’s almost no part of my day when I’m not listening to music. It affects my moods to such a degree that I know if I’m a little sad I can usually pop on some tunes and I’ll start to feel better pretty quickly. One of the more important parts of that music equation is what’s delivering those tunes. I have headsets and headphones and speakers and earbuds (oh my!) all over the house, but I’m considering grabbing the new Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid In-Ear Earphones aka the Mi Piston right now from Light in the Box.

The first reason is purely emotional. These things look AWESOME. The Piston design has an all metal head with either white and gold (my personal fave) or black and silver) The long cord has a microphone so you can use these for calls too. The second reason I’m considering picking them up is that I’ve had amazing results with Xiaomi earbuds in the past. I picked up a pair of their Mi Headphones Pro last year and they’re still going strong.

And the last reason I’m considering picking them up? That price. Normally they run about $22 but Light in the Box has them for only $12 right now. That’s almost half off and a damn good price for a quality pair of earbuds. You can grab them now over at Light in the Box.

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