Last chance deal: Non-fiction made easy with Blinkist, $49

We’ve all been in a situation where quickly brushing up on a subject could have tipped the scales of fortune in our favor. What have you missed out on by being ignorant to an idea? Living in New York City, public transportation is a vital part of everyday life. I see folks playing Candy Crush or Temple Run and think about what society might be like if we spent these menial moments in transit to sharpen our greatest instrument instead of distracting it. Now, I’m not going all Bradley Cooper in Limitless on you but I think we can all agree that digestible serving-sized information is a provocative idea. The good folks at Blinkist also agree!

Blinkist is a mobile app that distills the reading process down into vital information that helps you tackle new topics in record time. Think “Cliff’s Notes” but for nonfiction. Blinkist has an expansive library with a vast range of topics that are sure to appeal to every thinker’s palate. With access to over 500 books, you’ll be burning through a variety of data at lightning speeds. Compatible with your tablets, PC, and smartphones, Blinkist transforms downtime. Normally priced at $120, AndroidGuys readers can secure a 2 year subscription for just $49. This deal ends tonight, so get in while the gettin’s good.

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