Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make your life easier. That is, until they run out of battery. That’s why most of us usually carry a charger around with us all day every day. Do you have yours with you? Check, quickly!

Joke aside, chargers come in all shapes and sizes, some need to be plugged into a power outlet, while others can charge your device using solar power – and there’s plenty to choose for.


So if you too are in need of a portable charger you can take with you on your next trip – here’s five affordable models that come with super affordable price tags and awesome features.

Smart Travel Charger

Price: $24.99 / previously $49.99

The Smart Travel Charger quickly solves the problem of having to recharge all your devices when your hotel room only has a couple of power outlets. The travel companion has six UBS ports built in and five-foot cable attached.

It’s also compatible with Android devices and other USB-using devices like speakers, cameras and more. The Smart Travel Charger also doubles as a night light.

Water-Resistant dual-USB Solar Charger

Price: $19.99 / previously $29

For adventurous types, we recommend the Water-resistant dual-USB solar charger. Since there are no wall outlets out in nature, this charger is what you need in order to keep battery from dying out on your phone.

The device charges via solar energy (or USB) and takes advantage of a 5,000 mAh of reserve battery power. The charger can be used to replenish anything from a smartphone, tablet to a camera. It also turns into a flashlight thanks to the its integrated LED lights.

Air Ionic Car Air Purifier & Charger

Price: $35.99 / previously $50

Getting a charger than can do only one thing is boring. These days’ accessory makers design products which can solve more than one problem. Take the Air Ionic Car Air Purifier & Charger – the device can charge your phone, but it can also remove smoke, toxic fumes, dust and pollen from your car. It has two USB plug-ins to charge your devices.

It’s perfect for smokers or pet owners. It easily plugs into the cigarette lighter or 12V socket, after which you will be good to go.

Cling Bling Window Solar Charger

Price: $27.99 / previously $89.95

Another cute and colorful solar charger, so you can sit back and relax instead of looking for a power outlet each time you walk into a room. The charger clings to a glass window and absorbs energy from the sun in order to deliver energy right into your device via an USB cable. Note that it takes up to 2 hours to power a device entirely.

Zippo Wireless Fast Qi-Enabled Charger

Price: $23.95 / previously $79.95

For those of you who have a Qi-enabled smartphone, the Zippo Wireless Fast Qi-Enabled Charger will be a welcome addition. The stand allows your phone to charge 80% faster than other wireless chargers – no cables involved. It’s pretty neat.

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