Meet Arcadia Power, the company that wants to give you clean energy (Promoted)

Use Arcadia Power to get access to lower cost, green energy resources

Fossil fuels aren’t just harmful for the environment, they’re more expensive than renewable, clean energy resources. Unfortunately, most people are under the impression that green energy resources are difficult to access — but with Arcadia Power, conservation-conscious people can use an online platform to not only get free access to low-cost clean energy resources, but improve how your home runs.

What is Arcadia?

Arcadia is a clean energy company that allows users to see their payments contribute to clean energy sources. Once you connect your utility bill to the platform, Arcadia Power becomes your new one-stop for automated payments to your energy bill, which then helps support clean energy farms.

You will also save money when energy is cheaper in your area. This platform reduces the barrier to entry on supporting clean energy sources and is a great way to save on energy without switching utility companies.

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Arcadia Power helps you connect to less expensive clean energy plans — and you get some peace of mind knowing you’re doing something positive for the environment. Think of Arcadia Power like an automated energy adviser: they manage your utility account for you, then proceed to recommend an alternative clean energy plan you can choose to opt-out of.

Many members save as much as 30% off their original bills once they switch — plus, Arcadia Power offers utility billing at no transaction fee, so you can earn points with every power bill: sign up here.

Note: Arcadia Power can save you money, but users are not guaranteed savings (it depends on rate changes)

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