Stay warm with these hot deals on batteries, USB type-C cables, and adapters and fast wireless chargers

Welcome to another wonderful week! I hope you’re missing out on this crazy winter storm hitting the north east. But hey, if you are getting dumped on right now, make the best of it! Kick back with some Netflix, make some hot cocoa and realize that it’s March so this is probably the last snow of the year.

We have some nice deals today. As you can tell, we’ve been focusing a lot on power products. In the connected world we live in today, being cut off could have serious consequences. I told the story in our last post about how a battery bank really saved me from a scary situation. I’ve become a true believer due to experiences like that and I’d like to make sure that no-one is ever left in a situation because they couldn’t afford a battery or some cables.

So check these deals out, get yourself a cheap battery bank or some cables and hang out and watch it snow. And for all of you who are missing this storm, enjoy the weather!


Only one battery today, but its one of the best on the market. This portable battery from RAVPower has a gigantic capacity at 26800mAh. To give you some perspective, most phones are coming in between 3000mAh and 4000mAh today. Even if this thing is very inefficient, you’re still getting 6 – 9 full charges of your phone out of it. That is a TON.

RAVPower makes really good products too. The battery that I keep in my bag most of the time is a 20100mAh RAVPower with a USB type-C port so I can use a type-C to type-C cable with it. It also has quick-charge in which is great for recharging times. We don’t have a coupon code for that one today, but I will work on it for a future post.

For now, though, I suggest you pick up this monster from RAVPower. $35 is an awesome deal and you get free Prime shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member or your total order is over $35.

RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Battery with 3 USB ports – Regular Price: $49.99 – Sale Price: $35Discount code 26800RAV

Anker USB type-C cables and adapters

We have a couple of deals here from Anker. First up is your basic USB type-C to USB type-C 3-foot cable. These are awesome for charging up from battery banks, connecting to your laptop, a car charger, or if your wall charger is close by. I like Anker’s stuff and they have a pretty good reputation for a reason. We’re not going to knowingly list bad products in these deals posts. We’re about saving you money and getting you some cool tech gear, not just putting a bunch of deals in front of your face.

The second deal is on a USB type-C to micro USB adapter. These are handy to have around since there are still a lot of legacy micro USB cables around. Pop one of these on the end of a micro USB cable and you can now charge your USB type-C phone. I try to keep one in my bag, one in my car, and one in my desk. They’ve saved me more times than I can count and I also seem to be loaning them out.

Anker Powerline+ USB-C to USB 3.0 cable (3ft) – Regular Price: $13.99 – Sale Price: $7.99 Dicscount code: SDUSBC44

Anker USB-C (male) to Micro USB Adapter (female) 2-pack – Regular Price: $8.99 – Sale Price: $5.99Discount code: SDUSBC11

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

When Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (you forgot about the Edge+, didn’t you?), it also included support for Fast Wireless Charging. Previously we were constrained to slow wireless charging or quick wired chargers, but no more! Samsung has freed us from these shackles! Alright, a bit dramatic but Fast Wireless Charging is pretty awesome. It charges at Quick Charge speeds, you don’t have to mess with any cables or ports and your phone can sit upright on your desk. Pretty cool.

Right now Samsung is running a deal on its website where you can get two chargers for the price of one. Normally the chargers are $60 each which is a pretty penny but $30 per is a lot more reasonable. So reasonable, in fact, that Samsung charges $38 for one on Amazon. If you want two chargers, head over to Samsung’s website and grab this deal with no code required. If you only want one and want to save a little cash, head on over to Amazon and grab one for $38.

Samsung Fast Wireless Chargers – Buy 1 Get 1 ( – Price: $60 for 2No discount code

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger (Amazon) – Normal Price: $38No Discount code

Micro USB cables

If you need some legacy micro USB cables, Lumsing is having a pretty good sale right now. I love picking up packs like these because I have family members that use older phones and they are always losing or breaking cables. At $5.99, these cables are just over $1.00 per and you get enough of them to last you a while. Lumsing points out in its listing that even though these cables are thin, they’re rated for 10,000 bends so they’re pretty strong too. But hey, even if you get them and they break, you’re only out $6.

Lumsing micro USB Cable 5-pack 3ft length – Regular Price: $9.99 – Sale Price: $5.99Discount code: H8E7ZYNY

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