Take $150 off a FeiyuTech a2000 stabilizing gimbal from TomTop until 12/14 (Promoted Deals)

TomTop supplies a number of great deals from time to time, and this FeiyuTech stabilizing gimbal is no exception. While it isn’t strictly Android-related, per se, I figure there’s a bit of overlap in the cell-phone/photography scene. Normally the a2000 is upward of $900, but on sale on TomTop for $639 and with the coupon code CYJFT2, you can get it for just $499. Check the specifications below and see if it’s something that’ll tickle your fancy.


  • Handles loads of up to 2000g with a convenient balancing system; compatible with more cameras.
  • Automatically adjusts to weights from 250g-2000g – no manual adjustments needed.
  • Modular design allows for possibility of future accessories.
  • Shutter cable included – control the shutter and zoom functions.
  • Slip ring motors at panning axis, tilting axis and rolling axis 360° rotation without limit.
  • Integrated 4-way joystick.
  • 2,200mAh Li-Ion batteries – up to 12 hours of operation.


  • Brand: FeiyuTech
  • Model: a2000
  • Tilt/Roll/Pan: 360°
  • Tilting Increments: 2°/s~75°/s
  • Panning Increments: 3°/s~150°/s
  • Battery: 2200mAh
  • Battery Runtime: up to 12 hours
  • Load Weight: 250g-2000g
  • Compatible Camera Models: Sony N-series, Sony A7RII / ILCE-7R / ILCE-5100, Panasonic LUMIX GH4, Canon 5D MarkIII, other cameras under 2000g (including accessories)
  • Weight: 1067g

Package List

FeiyuTech a2000 3-axis handheld gimbal | USB cable | Shutter cable for Sony (3.5mm audio to multi) | 4 x 2250mAh battery |Smart Charger | Thumb Screw | Camera Support Frame Screw | Camera Support Frame | Quick Release Plate | Mini Tripod | User Manual

Use code CYJFT2 top get $150 off the a2000 until 12/14!

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