For most of us, 3D-printers are kind of alien. While they’re becoming more mainstream and time goes by, for non-creators they may as well be somewhere in the distant future. But as prices go down, availability and affordability increases and (relatively) soon they may be a part of daily life. And with TomTop offering an Anet A8 High Precision 3D Printer Kit for just $139.99, that time may be sooner than we realize.


Anet A8 Features

  • 5-Key LCD2004 Display w/ MicroSD slot
  • Advanced, High-Speed Motor
  • “Custom” MK8 nozzle
  • 240W, 110-240V power supply
  • Versatile hotbed and nozzle for superior material compatibility
  • Single Color Printing
  • Includes 10m of plastic filament and MicroSD card

Anet A8 Technical Specs

  • Maximum Printable Size: 220 x 220 x 240mm
  • Print Speed: 10-120mm/s
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
  • Printing Accuracy: 0.12mm
  • XY Axis Accuracy: 0.015mm
  • Z Axis Accuracy: 0.005mm
  • Nozzle Temperature: Max. 260°C
  • Hot Bed Temperature: 50-100°C
  • Recommend ABS Setting: Nozzle: 230 °C Hotbed: 80 °C
  • Recommend PLA Setting: Nozzle: 210 °C Hotbed: 50 °C

I won’t lie, I don’t have a ton of experience with 3D printers – and as such, those numbers above don’t mean a whole lot to me as far as accuracy and speed goes. But if you’re looking to get started in the 3D-printing game, $139.99 is a pretty inexpensive cost of entry. Give it a try!

The sale s only on for another couple days, and at the time of this publication there were only 90 units available in the US warehouse. If you’re looking to get started, you might want to start right this second with this deal.

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