Tomtop offering discounts on various Xiaomi products

Check out some of these devices currently on sale from Tomtop

Not too many people in the US are familiar with the brand of Xiaomi. And of those who are, a chunk of them likely only know it for smartphones. That’s hardly the case.

Think of Xiaomi more like Samsung, a company who manufacturers products across a wide spectrum. Indeed, it also makes laptops, drones, wearables, smart home devices, and more.

Here we highlight a couple of items from Xiaomi which are currently on sale through Tomtop. For those not familiar, Tomtop is an online retailer which sells a whole range of products, most of which are electronic.

Xiaomi A1 Ecosystem Folding Walking Pad

Stop spending an entire work day sitting behind a desk. Stand up, get out, and get moving. Your body will thank you for it. If you don’t have the opportunity to take breaks, walk around, or if you just want to put more activity in your day, consider this foldable walking pad.

Place it under your standing desk and you can walk at any pace from .5km/h up to 6km/h, getting miles in without going anywhere. Connect to an app and you’ll be able to track daily distance, time, calories, and walking data history.

The walking pad is sturdy, made of aluminum, and folds up easily. It’s the sort of unit you can put away when not in use; two wheels roll help you transport to out-of-the-way places.

Normally priced around $870, you can order the Xiaomi A1 Ecosystem Folding Walking Pad for just $499 right now. This discount amounts to 43 percent off, or nearly half its price. Dispatched from a local warehouse in the US, shipping takes up to 4 days and there’s no tax or shipping costs to worry about!

LIMITED TIME COUPON: Enter the code NDSY13081 at checkout and it’s yours for just $375, an even better deal!

Global Version Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Smart Watch

Wearables can be awesome and incredibly helpful things to own. While the public doesn’t seem to be too keen on Wear OS at the moment, that doesn’t mean we’re stuck with “dumb” watches.

The Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Smart Watch is an example of an affordable and practical watch that offers smart functions. Pair it to your phone and you can adjust the face, track exercise activity, monitor sleep, and more.

The watch is waterproof and can even track swimming. It’s the sort of watch you don’t take off — and you don’t have to. There’s a battery inside that’s good for up to 24 days per charge.

If you’re keen to pick this up, you’ll find it at Tomtop for just $145.99 right now.

Xiaomi Mijia Mini Projector

How would you like to install a 200-inch television experience in you home or office? That’s exactly what you get here. Actually, you can get a video that’s anywhere from 40-inches up to 200-inches. All you need is a flat surface.

The Mijia Mini Projector connects to your phone, tablet, or laptop via Bluetooth and projects an image on walls, sheets, or any such panel.

The projector has Bluetooth output, too, so you can use it as a speaker. This means no extra cables or output to worry about. Or, just connect to your phone and play music from your favorite playlists and streaming services.

You can purchase the Xiaomi Mijia Mini Projector for just $425.99, or about 22% off its normal price.

Ziyoujiguang T18 12-inch Folding Electric Bicycle

This electric bike is constructed from aluminum alloy, strong enough to support a maximum user weight of 120kg, or at least 250lbs. With a 250W motor, you’ll get up to 25km/h (about 15mph) max speed, and a range of 25-30km, or up to 18 miles.

If you don’t want to rely solely on the motor, you can assist with your legs – like regular bikes, ya know. Do that and you can get nearly twice the range on a full charge.

With adjustable seat height, foldable pedals, and collapsible design, this electric bike is convenient to use. Grab one for $339.99 right now, which represents a sizable discount when compared to other outlets.

Dispatched from a local warehouse in the US, shipping takes up to 4 days and there’s no tax or shipping costs to worry about!

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