UI/UX Designer Bundle: Learn how to WOW users through app design $34 [Deal of the Day]

Are you a developer looking for that final piece to your product that will give you the push you’ve been waiting for? I can’t tell you how many requests for reviews we get from developers that have great ideas but the ugliest and most unfriendly interface you’ve ever seen. If your GUI is weak, you’ve immediately told your users that you don’t care enough about them to be bothered with optimizing their experience. What do you imagine that will do to your word-of-mouth experience?

Luckily, The UI/UX Designer Bundle is packed over 34 hours of top-notch user experience training that will show you the ins and outs of developing for customer delight. You’ll learn the nuances of spacing, typography, and how to work with templates. You’ll also learn how to beta-test your creations and get the insights necessary to make your app or game truly “habit-forming”. At just $34, this may be the wisest investment you’ll make for your latest project.

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