Want a cheap drone? Check out these deals

Looking to buy a drone? Take a look at these discounted products

Drones are toys for grown-ups. They are a pleasure to fly and take pictures with and also fun to race. So who can blame you for wanting one? While professional drones can be quite expensive, you can find consumer drones that sell for quite affordable prices. Case in point, here at AndroidGuys Deals we carry a few models that you might want to check out.

Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone

Price: $55.99 (previously $169.99)

The Striker Spy Drone comes with an integrated HD camera onboard and built-in shutter stabilization. It can film up 30 minutes and shoot up to 50,000 photos. Thanks to the embedded gyro on board, it can fly smoothly regardless of the weather conditions.

On top of being able to snap aerial images, you can also perform tricks and flips in mid-air courtesy of the 4 rotating motors and 4.5 channel gyro. Hurry up if you want the Striker Spy Drone, as this promo ends in five days!

Prowler HD Camera Spy Drone

Price: $139.99 (previously $219.99)

Here we have another spy drone which comes with a built-in 720p camera. The Prowler flying quad-copter is perfect for those who are new to drone flying. With the Easy Mode activated, users can effortlessly steady their shots and better control the drone. There’s also a Flip Mode button which allows your drone to perform some awesome tricks.

The Prowler HD comes with a 4GB microSD card & USB Card Reader which enables users to easily transfer the photos and videos taken with the drone to their desktop computer. This deal ends in three days.

Nano Prowler Mini Drone

Price: $36.99 (previously $59.99)

Mini drones are really popular right now, so say hello to the Nano Prowler Mini Drone which comes with a built-in gyro and 3D flight capabilities. It does not have a camera onboard,though.

Like the Prowler HD Camera drone, the Nano Prowler Mini Drone features a Flip Mode button which lets owners perform tricks and flips for those watching below. Deal ends in five days.

Micro Drone 3.0 Combo Pack

Price: $145 (previously $215)

Here we have another mini-drone this time with a tiny camera attached to it that can stream 720p video or alternatively store it on a microSD card slot. The drone can be controlled either using the included handset or your own smartphone.

On top of that, owners can view the 3D footage shot by the drone through their VR headset, so it will feel like they are truly flying. You must act fast if you want to grab the Micro Done 3.0 Combo Pack, as this promotion will expire in 15 hours.

W400R Voyager Drone

Price: $249 (previously $399.98)

The Voyager Drone ships with an included VR headset that allows you to basically see what the drone sees. The flying quadcopter supports Go Pro’s Hero camera range (but it’s not included in the purchase). It does come equipped with colorful LED lights, so you can easily fly it at night too.

You can choose to purchase the W400R Voyager Drone sans the VR headset for the price of $199.99. This deal expires in five days, so you have plenty of time to decide whether this product is for you.

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