10 of the best press release distribution services 2020

First, you need to know what a press release distribution is before you choose one.

What is a press release distribution?

If you’re a business owner looking to spread your words about yourself or your business press release distribution is so crucial for your success, choosing a good PR service can flip the game to your side.

Press release distribution is simply an operation to spread and deliver your press release to press members. The main purpose of this procedure is to get media coverage, think of it as a marketing tool, in this way your content whatever it may be, is shown to a broad audience that eventually boosts your business’s reach and sales.

Best Press Release Distribution Providers in 2020

Now since you know what press release distribution is, let us discover the best 10 press release distribution services in 2020.

1 – PR Distribution™

PR Distribution™ is a perfect press release distribution provider for any business or organization; they provide a multitude of services that suits your budget, needs, and anticipation.

PR Distribution™ offers a great array of services for an affordable price that you can’t find elsewhere, the plans start from $49 up to $99 only, with their plans they allow you to stand out from the crowd by publishing your press releases in remarkable media outlets such as FOX, ABC, and CBS.

Furthermore, the size of your business does not matter, if you’re looking to reach broad audiences PR Distribution™ is your best bet even if you don’t have a big beefy budget.

Apart from that, PR Distribution™ offers industry targeting for 5 different categories, even in their basic plan.

PR Distribution™ Benefits:

  • Affordable plans
  • Broad reach
  • Great targeting
  • Unlimited word count even for their basic plan
  • Multimedia embedding (video, audio…)
  • Flexibility due to their large checklist of options

Remember: PR Distribution™ is the ideal press release distribution provider for any business or organization.

2 – Press Release Jet

Press Release Jet is an amazing press release distribution service if you’re on a tight budget and if you’re looking for high ROI (return on investment).

This press release distribution company offers an incredibly large amount of services that match any business size. With Press Release Jet, you get access to top-tier media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, and Fox; this is included in both their $129 plan (Premium Pro) and their $299 plan (Premium Concierge).

You might ask: what If I don’t have that much money to spend on a press release distribution service? No worries, Press Release Jet got you covered! With their $69 plan, you get access to a broad array of other media outlets, networks, and search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Press Release Jet Benefits:

  • Affordable and flexible plans starting from $69 only
  • They offer a multitude of options in each plan
  • SEO optimization
  • Multimedia embedding
  • Industry targeting
  • Social sharing

Remember: Press Release Jet is a flabbergasting press release distribution service when it comes to ROI, so definitely consider it!

3 – Business Wire

Next on this list, the old but updated Business Wire; it is a Berkshire Hathaway company, founded in 1961 in the US. It can distribute your press release in a giant list consisting of 100K media outlets and websites.

Business Wire is a trustworthy press release distribution service, their plans are expensive, and they charge you for extra services. However, it is considered to be a trusted news source.

They distribute the press release through their unique NX network, and they also can distribute it in more than 20 languages!

Business Wire Benefits:

  • Distribution through industry’s only patented network
  • Free social media share links
  • They provide email distribution
  • They provide a press release builder

Remember: Despite their extravagant prices, Business Wire is a trusted press release distribution provider with 219 industry categories that suit any business.

4 – PR Newswire


PR Newswire a great way to target specific audiences, let’s say you are a real estate agent, and you are targeting new home buyers between 18 and 25 in a specific area, PR Newswire can get you directly in front of them!

Its enormous database gives it the ability to target media outlets, or journalists, by topic and industry type.

However, PR Newswire is an expensive press release distribution service. Their plans start from $350, so if you’re on a tight budget consider other affordable press release distribution services.

They also have a membership fee, and they charge you for each attachment like photos, videos, etc.

PR Newswire Benefits:

  • Reach your ideal target audience
  • They publish on famous media outlets such as The New York Times and Buzzfeed
  • They offer highly detailed reports

Remember: PR Newswire’s database is massive; this is why they’re great at finding the ideal target market you’re seeking; however, their services are expensive.

5 – Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire targets Twitter feeds allowing you to get massive following reach, this is great if your aim is social media success. Their experts guide and help you to fulfill your needs.

Furthermore, they offer a verity of services including geo-targeting, which allows you to reach specific industries, distribution to 4500+ outlets, and SEO services.

Easy Newswire Benefits

  • Fair prices
  • Great customer support
  • Geo-targeting

SEO services

Remember: Easy Newswire is a great press release distribution service for social media

6 – PR Underground

PR Underground also fits small businesses seeking a large audience and exposure. It distributes press releases to nearly 80 media outlets, including FOX and CBS.

The pricing is decent starting at $49, the downside of this basic plan is that you get only one post in DigitalJournal.com. For more posts and potential reach, they offer a $129 plan.

PR Underground Benefits:

  • Reasonable plans
  • They offer SEO optimization
  • The $129 plan covers 375 media outlets

Remember: PR Underground is a good choice for startups; however, consider paying $129 to unleash their maximum potential

7 – eReleases

Next is eReleases, another good option if you’re tight on budget, they offer a wide exposure with considerable prices. Their plans start at $299 and for an extra fee, you can get press release writing, next-day distribution, and proofreading.

They offer exposure on a minimum of 60 media outlets, attached images, next-day distribution, and their database consists of 5000+ sites.

eReleases Benefits:

  • Decent prices
  • They provide useful reports
  • Great customers service

Remember: eReleases makes it easier for you to reach your potential audience.

8 – 24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press release offers many press release distribution services for an acceptable price.

Their prices start from 69$ this gets your press release distributed to nearly 50 media outlets, it’s a bit limited; however, Their premium package distributes your news to PR Newswire’s 4500+ websites, this guarantees a great deal of exposure for you.

They also can distribute your PR in different countries in Asia, Latin America, the USA, and Canada with ease.

24-7 Press Release Benefits:

  • Affordable plans
  • Vast exposure possibilities
  • They offer translation services
  • They offer SEO optimization

Remember: 24-7 Press Release is a decent choice for small business also.

9 – GlobeNewswire

GlobeNewswire (formerly known as PrimeNewswire) is a free way to distribute your press release to a broad audience; this is an advantageous opportunity if you’re a small business or if you’re just getting started.

GlobeNewswire allows small individuals or investors to track a multitude of companies throughout a verity of media outlets and social networks. Also, it is specialized in the delivery of corporate press releases and financial disclosures.

GlobeNewswire Benefits:

  • Free to use
  • Amazing customers service

Remember: GlobeNewswire comes free; however, it has many limitations.

10 – PR Web

PR Web’s small business distribution plans range from $99 to $389.

Both basic and standard plans provide a fixed placement in PR Web and PR Newswire’s industry-focused public relations. Besides that, they provide search engine optimization SEO, unlimited word count, and multimedia attaching.

PR Web Benefits:

  • SEO tagging
  • Unlimited word count
  • Good pricing
  • Multimedia embedding

Remember: PR Web is a great choice for both small-to-medium and large businesses, due to the flexibility of their plans.


Press release distribution impacts are tremendous; it is one of the most efficient ways to market your business and yourself.

Throughout this comparison of the best 10 press release distribution services, PR Distribution™ is the most reliable choice. Their prices and services are well balanced, supported with many free features, and an exceptional customer service that is willing to help you at any time.

Check PR Distribution’s official website now, and get the most out of your business!

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