International travel has, for most of history, been something for the most adventurous folk only. You may have counted yourself among them, but perhaps you, like many, forewent traveling abroad simply because there were too many things that could go wrong. This would not have been an incorrect assessment. Until recently, international communication, currency exchange, language tools, and global tracking technology simply were not advanced enough (or did not exist at all) to make international travel something predictable enough for the masses.

But today, this has changed. The smartphone is a computer in the pocket, able to help guide you through any international traveling scenario you can come up with. Here, we’ve listed three of the most helpful apps for people traveling abroad. They can make your excursions more enjoyable, and even get you out of some truly sticky situations.


The Tile Tracker app for Android is essential, whether you are traveling or not. Most of us are at least a little forgetful, and who among us hasn’t lost something important during a critical time? When you’re traveling abroad, losing something important may be a disaster, especially if that something is your passport or your hotel key. Luckily, the Tile app lets you stick up to 8 little stickers on the things that are most important to you, then allows you to track those things with your Android phone. You can even stick one of these stickers in your kids’ shoe, meaning that the safety and security provided by this simple app simply can’t be measured.


Automatic translation technology sure has come a long way in recent years. Translator for Android devices is essential for travelers abroad, because it gives real time translations, even for spoken words. Two people can even have an automatically translated conversations, providing that the app is installed on two different devices. Translator is a great way to prepare yourself for future conversations, learn a language, clarify phrases you’ve heard, and help to make new friends. Download it before you travel to learn how it works and to help you get comfortable with the language before you set foot on foreign soil.

NobelCom NobelApp

NobelCom has existed for years as a first choice resource for global communication. Specializing in phone cards that are still incredibly useful, often in nations where phone communication remains very difficult, NobelCom is adapting to the future. Their full service app works with Android phones, and is perfect for getting voice to voice communication, no matter where you are in the world. This is especially essential for people traveling in unusual places, and for those in nations where no one close by speaks the language spoken back home.

Naturally, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Android apps which offer huge value to international travelers. Look for your own, and find ones that meet your unique needs. Many of the aspects of international travel have not changed in many years, but these simple consumer technology advances have opened up whole new vistas for the modern adventurer.

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