If running business were easy, virtually everybody would be an entrepreneur – and every business successful. It’s unfortunately never that easy.

The advent of mobile technology however makes things a bit easier for business owners as there are now countless tools all aimed at making running your business easier – from those that help you work faster to those that make you more productive or more organized, to those that help you connect better with clients and prospects, and those that help you sell “on the go”.

While there are several mobile operating systems out there, this article will be focusing on Android apps that can help you grow your business faster. Here are 4 of them:


How do you keep up with appointments, manage your to-dos, and take important notes on the go, even while very busy? When it comes to mobile solutions, Evernote is the answer. This ultimate productivity app reminds you of your tasks, appointments, and even your notes, so you never miss anything.

Several features make it a must-have for business owners, from ability to sync between mobile and desktop and also collaborate with other people, to other features like saving business cards, to adding media to your notes. If you’ve ever wished your personal assistant was digital and way smarter, Evernote awaits you in the Play Store.

Social media apps

This is a no-brainer. Sure you know if your business isn’t currently represented on social media, you’re not just missing out and lagging behind, but also literally leaving a lot of money on the table –money your competitors are packing. Social media is now as essential to business as website was in early 2000s.

Without a proven and effective social media marketing (and management) strategy infused into your overall marketing strategy – including consistent content publishing, social advertising, influencer marketing, contests, etc, you can be sure you’re not being competitive enough in business.

However, gone are the days when the only or best way to access social media, especially for business was to enter the address of your chosen social platform in your browser’s address bar. With the continuous speedy growth of mobile, you can now access every major social media website via their app across various mobile operating systems.

You can bet your favorite social media has its app on your Google Play App Store – and it’s just a search away – from LinkedIn to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and countless others.


From the last point, you know how very important social media is to growing your business faster. It might, however, be hard to keep up with every social media platform there is, and doing the necessary business activities on them – networking, content distribution (created or curated), customer service, etc.

How about an app that can help you do all these on one spot – I mean, just one app that enables you to manage multiple social media platforms and accounts and carry out all your social activities on it? Well, that’s what Hootsuite does. And the best part is that it enables you to automate your social media activities, from scheduling future posts to monitoring topics and people on social media.

If you’re (even just remotely) serious about the social part of your business, you’d grab Hootsuite from Play Store and start winning in the social world.


What is the value of a post about effective business practices without talking about accounting?

When it comes to accounting in the mobile technology world, Quickbooks is your go-to app, and luckily, it’s also available on Android. It simply helps businesses organize their bills and accounts. With Quickbooks, you can perform tasks like bookkeeping, invoicing, accounting, and billing – among several other accounting/finance-related tasks – online.

Needless to say if this post was a list of 100 business apps, I wouldn’t run out of points. But the essence of writing this isn’t to put you on a never-ending apps-chasing venture; it’s to help you manage your business better with mobile technology, especially if you’re an Android user.

Starting with just the 4 apps featured here will definitely set you on that path, and with time, you’ll discover more apps by yourself – and you’ll find for yourself more tools to help you become a better and more successful entrepreneur.

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