Managing a high school or college period means managing ever-expanding responsibility. The younger times were indeed simpler when we had our moms or dads helping us get up in the morning, telling us where we need to be and how we need to do our homework. But now that is all supposed to be managed by you. Welcome to adulting! But luckily, there are tons of apps out there that will help you to get organised, manage a schedule, charter a budget, stay safe and even organize a big project. Here are some of our chosen apps for you to get heads-up on studying whenever, wherever.

Office Lens

This is one the most amazing apps for clicking pictures in college. Whether as an American University Rankings 美国大学排名 student or simply in your high school class when you want to take pictures of whiteboards, documents, magazines, receipts or blackboards, then this should be your go-to app. This app even lets you take pics from a distance or say weird angles (all thanks to you being seats on the side in a classroom). Just click and get clean pics sans any shadows or glares.


Venmo is a superb way to bid goodbye to cash till the time you are in college. You will almost have to pay for nothing with cash. From food and laundry to meal planning and in-house college buys, you can practically transfer your money easily with Venmo.

Brainscape Flashcards

This is a cool flashcard kind of app for Android where you can employ brain games to study Chinese, SAT and more. The beauty of this app is how you can custom make your own flashcard set or download them the market, which has both free and paid content. Extremely easy to use and to play with flash cards, this app also has the   Flashcards*/ Flashcardlet, which can access content created by the main app and works without any disruption of ads.


For students who love quizzing up stuff, this app is a great download for this. Here, you can study subjects sets using a large collection of flashcards, all of which have been created by high school or college grad students. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot create a series of flashcards of your own. This app even allows you to use images and audio in your flashcards, making your learning more fun and appealing. You can create your study sets one time and can later convert to flashcard app too by reusing the same content.


Befitting the title of being the king of note-taking apps, the Evernote app is a perfect mixture of clipping, composing, and bookmarking. Use it for to-do listing or simply for writing your thoughts on the go, this app does it all. It is available on multiple platforms and can be used even in web browser or app and the best is all of its formats are free. It has an interesting Work Chat feature, which lets you text with Evernote users and compare and discuss your notes. These users can be your tuition mates or classmates.

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