It’s not always about the money. 

Employers always feel employees need bigger compensation or a raise for higher job satisfaction. Unfortunately, that’s not the entire truth. Sure, receiving a big bonus helps employees fulfill their desires and a bigger paycheck will allow them to invest in their future. But that’s not all that an employee needs.

Listed below are 8 essential employee needs that employers must serve to ensure employees stay happy and motivated:

  1. Autonomy:

Often managers micromanage their employees and take all their decisions for them. The lack of freedom to take their own calls is frustrating for employees. It makes them feel that they are not trusted to do their job well.

Employers and managers need to show faith in their employees and allow them to function independently. Allowing employees to make their own decisions helps them become more confident.

  1. Flexibility:

As an employer, you need to understand an employee’s need to work at their own pace from a location of their convenience. This allows them to focus better as they know their most productive time slots.

Flexible working conditions allow employees to build a better work-life balance. It enhances their work efficiency and leads to better work results.

  1. Positive work environment:

Strict working hours, horrible bosses, conflicts with coworkers, etc are a few reasons employees find a workplace toxic. No employee can thrive in such an environment.

Employees need a positive work environment as it encourages them to contribute in their full capacity. It makes them feel stress-free and allows them to work more efficiently. 

  1. Growth opportunities:

Learning new skills allows employees to grow in their career and perform their jobs in a better way. Companies that invest in employee career and personal growth enjoy high employee retention rates.

With the best online learning platforms available today at affordable rates, it is now easier than ever to provide growth opportunities to employees to help them learn digitally.

  1. Clear targets:

Employees need clear direction in order to perform well and deliver their best. Unstructured information and unclear goals can create chaos and lead to misunderstanding.

Working with clear targets can get confusing for employees and hamper their progress. Managers need to use project management tools to plan and allocate work in a way that keeps everyone the same page.

  1. Value:

Each employee is different and thinks in a unique way. Employers need to value their thoughts and encourage them to contribute their opinions.

Employers need to recognize employee talent and make it easy for them to share their suggestions. This leads to innovative ideas being brought forward and boosts employee morale.

  1. Appreciation:

Appreciation is a fundamental human need and is known to uplift spirits. When employees are recognised for their efforts and publicly appreciated for them, it makes them feel better about themselves and boosts their confidence.

Employers need to make sure good employee performances are acknowledged as it encourages employees to keep performing better.

  1. Inclusivity:

Remote working employees often feel disconnected from the company culture. Especially in today’s time and age where we are dealing with a pandemic and working in isolation, employees are bound to feel depressed if they don’t feel they are a part of the company.

It is crucial for remote employee managers to stay connected with employees so they are ensured they are an important part of the organization. A workplace culture that fosters inclusivity is highly desired by talented job seekers. 


Employers who take care of employees’ needs enjoy the benefits of a workforce that is ready to go the extra mile to achieve company goals. If you take care of them, they will most definitely take care of your company.

Featured Image: Photo by fauxels from Pexels

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