A guide to inviting people to follow your LinkedIn page

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform for professionals and businesses of all sizes. It can build relationships, promote products or services, share news and updates, and more. One way to make your presence on LinkedIn even more effective is by automatically inviting people to follow your page. Here are some tips on inviting more people to follow your page. 

Create an Engaging Profile 

The first step in getting people interested in following your page is creating a profile that stands out from the rest. Ensure the profile includes detailed information about yourself, such as what you do professionally, what industry you are in, any awards or recognitions you may have received, etc. This ensures that the potential followers will know who they are dealing with before deciding whether they want to follow your page. Moreover, add relevant keywords throughout the profile, so users searching within those topics will find yours easier than they will find others. 

Identifying the Target Audience 

Once your profile is set up, it is time to start identifying who would be interested in following your company on LinkedIn. Do some research into who already follows similar pages to get an idea of the types of people you should target. You can also use LinkedIn’s Audience Insights tool to understand better who is in your target market and where they are located.

Invite Connections 

Another great way to get people interested in following your page is by sending them personalized invitations through their connections list on LinkedIn. This allows you to target specific individuals—such as peers who work in the same field as yourself—and allows potential followers to understand better who you are and what your page is about. 

Post Engaging Content 

Once you have created an engaging profile and invited connections to follow your page, it is important to post content that will keep them coming back for more. Try posting industry-relevant news stories and original content, such as blog articles or videos related to the topics you cover on your page. This helps build trust with followers while providing them with valuable information they can use in their professional lives. 

Utilize Automation Tools 

Finally, automation tools allow users to set up automated messages inviting potential followers to check out their LinkedIn page. These tools make it easier to reach out and connect with people without having to send individual invitations each time manually. Many of these tools offer analytics so you can track how successful the campaigns are and adjust accordingly if needed. 


Inviting people to follow your LinkedIn page automatically is a great way for businesses or professionals looking for greater online visibility on this platform. By creating an engaging profile, sending personalized invitations through connection lists, posting relevant content regularly, and utilizing automation tools where applicable, you can always ensure that your presence on LinkedIn remains strong and that as many people as possible see your page.

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