Online trading has become a popular way for people to make a secondary income using their spare capital, and trading apps like the one by IG have made this a possibility.

Most people focus on one side of trading, whether it is shares, CFDs or forex, and so having an app that is devoted to the type of trading you want to do is key. In this case, we are looking at IG’s trading app, which is centered around trading CFDs. If you are not sure what those are and are still trying to decide what type of trading you want to do, it is worth looking at their information around “what is contract for difference” before comparing apps.

What Does the IG CFD Android App Do?

To use IG’s Android app you’ll need a trading account with IG. This is pretty easy to apply for and will give you the protection of their security, which is something you definitely want when you are dealing with real money and real trades. Once you are set up, the app allows you to make CFD trades in real time based on dozens of things, including share indices, foreign currencies and commodities. You can add money to your account to use for your trades extremely easily, and also withdraw your money simply back into your chosen bank account if you want to. The app effectively allows you to make these kinds of financial trades and profit from them with no proper hurdles.

Is It a Good App?

Of course, IG’s CFD app isn’t the only one of its kind, so even if you have decided you want to go ahead and become a CFD trader, you probably want to know if it is a good product. In fact, it is a very good app in terms of interface design and user friendliness. It gives easy access to the things you care about most like your account information and notifications about your trades. It is also very feature rich in terms of the analysis stuff you can see from within the app. If you tend to trade based on data, this is definitely an app you will find enjoyable to use.

A Good Community

Another great thing about the IG app is the strong user community and great customer help. Becoming a hobbyist trader isn’t easy and there is a lot to learn, but knowing you are in a community with a lot of other members who have been through the same learning curve and are happy to chat to you can really help – not just in terms of using the software but also in terms of the trades you may want to make. The analysis side of the app and the user community are some of the things that set it apart from its rivals.

While the IG app may have started life as an extension from its website equivalent, it is probably the best trading app around if you want a clean interface, reliable, real time information, good analysis and great account management. If the world of trading is something that has always appealed to you, then this is the perfect app to get you started, though it also has everything more experienced traders will want, too.

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