When buying your new phone, the amount of internal space for storage is usually one of these very important aspects which influence the choice to get one phone over another. But wait, how much of the offered 16, 32 or 64GB is actually there for use? This differs a lot between devices. There were countless hot debates about the 16GB version of the Galaxy S7 when it was found that around 8GB was already consumed by the operating system and some other pre-installed apps.

To know more about the phone storage concept, let us find out the things that most of the people don’t know.

Checking Before Buying

If you’re buying a new smartphone online, it’s usually more challenging to check what amount of the internal storage space is actually available as opposed to buying from any store.

Dedicated smartphone stores often have a sample phone available, and it takes just a few seconds to check the settings and the storage section. If you’re buying one, and can’t see any information on any functional storage in the specs, don’t be afraid to contact the store and ask. Trustworthy sellers shouldn’t have any problem letting you know about this information.

Free up the Internal Storage

You can find a couple of possible ways to make some space in the internal storage; it depends on the phone you have.

Disable Bloatware: Only a few mobile phones allow you to do this, however, if you have an Android phone with the latest version, the process is easier than you think. While disabling a 100MB pre-installed application won’t clear up a related amount of storage, it should make some more space. Repeat this enough times and you’ll have a decent amount of storage gained.

Clear the Photos: This is usually a decent practice to do even if storage on the phone isn’t a problem. Make use of the synchronize software with your phone to back up the photos to your PC on a regular basis. You’re then capable of deleting your pictures off of the phone (or at least many of them) to clear up some space. Google Photos is a wonderful app which lets users sync pictures and videos to the cloud.

Use a Cleaner Application: Applications, such as CCleaner or Norton Clean are a good way to clear unwanted or unneeded data files from your mobile, with the touch of a button. Just as before, this measure will not clear up huge space, but it can certainly make some big difference. Moreover, a lot of phones now have optimization tools built in to help free up space.

Get rid of some applications:  If you’re like me, you’ll be guilty of installing the latest fad application, using it frequently for a couple of weeks and then moving onto the next one. In other words, the old trends should not be followed, because tons of apps are being created and available to use whether they are games, educational apps or many others. Try to find the app which occupies less space, or if an alternative is available of the same nature app then download that to avoid getting your device storage eaten. If you are the one game lover who wants to play some of the big sized games, then you must give a try to best external hard drive for Mac to play big sized games that can run smoothly without any problem.

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