Given that you’re on on AndroidGuys, we’ll go ahead and assume you’re more than likely a fan or lover of Android. We can’t blame you; we love the flexibility of the platform, its options for apps and games, and wearables. And, although we might collectively be more casual gamers, Android has no shortage of high-end hardware and devices to play more involved games.

If you’re among those who like to compete with more robust hardware and peripherals, there are a few special options for you, too. However, for those who aren’t yet, and are looking to get more, you’re likely wondering what you need to be a superior Android gamer. Here are five things that will help give you a leg up, or at least a better experience.

MOGA Pro Power Controller

Android smartphones and tablets are excellent pocket-sized gateways into gaming on the go, but a touchscreen can only do so much in terms. Driving, for instance, can sometimes get your fingers positioned in awkward places on the screen, leading to obscured views of the action at hand.

Thankfully, Power A have designed a gamepad for your Android needs that somewhat resembles an Xbox controller. Additionally, this one offers a smartphone mount and a built-in charger, helping to extend your gaming sessions.

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism

When you’re totally immersed in the game, the last thing you want is lousy sound to ruin the experience. Even if you’re playing online slots, you need great audio to make it a perfect gaming session. Who knows what little nuances a developer might code into a game to add to the overall effect?

Enter the Siberia Elite Prism headset. These aren’t just noise cancelling headphones, these are noise eliminating headphones. You won’t hear anything you don’t want to with these cans on.

They don’t come cheap with their $80+ price tag but you shouldn’t expect that from a 7.1 channel sound experience. And, not only do they sound amazing, but they look cool too with the custom illuminated ear cups colors and lighting effects.

Nvidia Shield Tablet Cover

Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or something else, you need to protect your investment. Nothing gives the uncomfortable feeling of having scratches and scuffs on a device that runs hundreds of dollar.

As one of the most powerful devices of its kind, the NVIDIA Shield tablet and its K1 processor are built for games. It’s got everything you need to plow through first person shooters, racing games, and more. Just be sure to keep it covered up with an insurance policy. Grab a cover and make sure your beauty sleeps well at night.


For those of you who want an all-night gaming marathon there’s nothing like the Shield TV. Not only does it have everything you need for incredibly fun games direct from the unit, it can also stream them from NVIDIA, too. The hardware is a beast no matter which way you go, and software makes it get better all the time.

One of our favorite reasons for owning a Shield TV is that it doubles as a great entertainment and media device. So, when we’re not playing games, we’re watching video; the new model allows for 4K. Sure, you can use the game controller to navigate around the menus, but we suggest snagging the remote. It’s not necessarily going to improve your gaming experience, but it can improve the overall Shield setup.

Samsung Gear VR

Surely you expected to see this one on the list. The Samsung Gear VR has been around for a couple of generations now and is starting to hit its stride. If you own a Samsung smartphone, then this is the first accessory you’ll want to check out.

For a fraction of the price of the Oculus Rift, Samsung has created a highly accessible VR headset that speaks to the every man. Thanks to a growing library of content and games, we’re finally at the point to where we’re actually endorsing wearables like these.

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