Being a truck driver has its perks- no annoying colleagues to put up with all day, a good salary, you can listen to what you want on the radio, and you get nice breaks in-between jobs. But it can also involve long hours in your cabin with nothing but the never ending open road in front of you. At times like this it can be extremely boring but luckily for you we have come up with a list of the top things you can do when you are on the road that will help you retain a bit of sanity!

Pick a good playlist

There is nothing worse that driving for miles with no music to listen to, or even worse, with bad music to listen to! Cher’s Greatest Hits is not going to cut it so we suggest you take some time to see what is out there and available for your listening pleasure. You can make your own playlists, download MP3s, or even choose from hundreds of trucking themed ready-to-go lists that are available for download onto your android tablet or mobile. These will help you get into the groove, give you something to sing to, and most importantly, will help you pass the time!

Download an app designed especially for truckers

There are a couple of android apps out there designed with truckers in mind but there is only one that combines them all. The definitive android app for the trucking industry, otherwise known as iTrucking combines industry specific news and information, jobs and careers, and a chat facility where you can talk to other road warriors in real time about real issues. It is sleek and easy to use and should become an essential part of any trucker’s routine.

Download a podcast or audio course

Whilst music is great to listen to when you are out and about, you could also use the time you spend driving for something constructive like learning something new or doing an audio course? There is an amazing selection of android ready podcasts and courses out there that will engage, interest, educate, and stimulate your mind whilst you are on the road. It might not sound fun but trust us and give it a go!

Get a cabin buddy

While this option isn’t for everyone, there are some truckers out there who bring pets along with them when they are out at work. Animals are great company and having a furry friend with you can make the time pass quicker and help you to stop feeling quite so homesick! There are truckers that take dogs, cats, birds, and even micropigs with them when they work so you never know, it could work for you as well!

Be sensible

Ok, now is time for the sensible bit- when out on the road, you must make sure to take your rest stops, get enough sleep, keep hydrated, and don’t let yourself get hungry. If you don’t do these things they will all lead to you losing concentration, risking falling asleep, or possibly having an accident. Yes you might have strict timelines to adhere to, but you are not going to get there on time if you crash. Look after yourself and you will perform better. Lecture over!

These are just five little things you can do that will help while away your working hours. Why not try them out?

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