It is a well known fact that online data theft is something that every online entrepreneur dreads. And this is one of the reasons why you must not use a public network especially when you are making use of your hand held device. Even a young child knows that public network is not something that you can trust as it is not secure and is one of the avenues that hackers make use of by stealing data.

Most importantly, your personal information like bank account numbers and credentials can fall into wrong hands. And to overcome such incidents or mishaps, the use of VPN or Virtual Private Network makes sense. This allows your information to be encrypted which keeps your data safe and secured.

In this write-up, let us find out what you should know about the nuances of using VPN on your Android device. So, read on for a better insight. The article will deal with the following topics:

  • VPN – What is it
  • Why use VPN
  • Should you use it on your phone

VPN – What is it

In simpler terms, it is basically a “middleman” or a “bridge” between the internet and you. It is basically a service that enables you to receive as well as send data across virtually. So, if you choose to set up and activate Virtual Private Network, it means that all the web traffic is being directed to you and from you through this network, which is undoubtedly secure as the data is transmitted in encrypted form.

However, only 2 people are involved in the transmission of data, the one that sends and the one that receives provided both have the permission to communicate across the network. You will be provided with an IP address which is user specific. There are 2 ways in which you can avail the service, paid and non-paid or free. The former offers more incentives.

Why use VPN – Benefits of using VPN

Using a private network has several benefits. Some of them are as follows-

Privacy and security – Using a virtual private network may not protect your data fully unless you use an encrypted connection and most importantly from a reliable service provider. In this way, a channel is created between you and the party on the other side. No third party can intercept the communication that is taking place between 2 parties. And if at all there is security breach and data is grabbed, no one will be able to decode the data.

Access to restricted areas – If you are not able to access services of areas that are restricted, with the help of VPN on Android device you are using, you can access the service. There are times when services or access is denied due to “regional lock”.

Should you use it on your phone

By all means, you can use virtual private network on Android device. This is because you may not always need encrypted data or you may not be exchanging sensitive data always. If you are planning to use it on your phone, you can install one of the apps that let you set up the feature and activate it.

Several features like bandwidth monitoring are also offered by certain service providers and you can keep a tab on the amount of bandwidth you are using. However, make sure you opt for the paid service or the subscription based service, which offers much more than the free ones.

Most importantly, virtual private network is compatible with majority of the web browsers and also with apps that you install on your phone.

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