Data speaks a lot and many a time surprise us with the results we might not have analyzed by missing some of the minute details. For example, on the face of it, it might appear that one of the team members is spending more time on the task as compared to the other. But on checking the time tracked through timesheet management software, the productivity shows the inverse results.

Thus it becomes important to record/track the time of the employees through the software which can help in getting a detailed insight into the project and the performance of the team members. Some of the benefits of the time tracking software are mentioned below:

  • Increases Productivity: With the help of the software, you can track the time spent on different websites/tasks, active/idle time. This can give you a comprehensive report on which are the most time-consuming tasks, which in-turn helps in revising the required strategies. It also implies that you can track your expenses also.
  • Reduces Efforts: Automation through software reduces the efforts of manually capturing and calculating the billable hours or salary processing. It also reduces the chances of errors. Set the rules for the first time and process the entire payroll through few clicks.
  • Increases Transparency: Anytime, anywhere access provides transparency for billable hours thus reducing/removing the possibilities of disputes. Staff performance reviews can be evaluated on basis of the data derived from the software.
  • Ease In Following Deadlines: It is easier to deliver with set timelines. With clear visibility of the tasks and the time allocated, it becomes very easy to complete the tasks by the given dates just by including some buffer/delay time while estimating delivery time.
  • Empower Employees: Visibility brings along trust. With time, team members can be given more leeway on being more accountable towards their deliverables.

After you have understood the benefits of the time tracking software, it’s time to understand what should be the basic/essential features that your software must-have.

  • Time Tracking: The core function of the software should to be monitor time accurately. Depending upon the requirement, the functionality should leverage to capture the time of work hours from accurate billing purpose and payroll processing. The managers should also be able to visualize the workflow, progress, and performance. It should also have the functionality to capture the data in easy to understand format.
  • Online Timesheets: Timesheets are primarily used to calculate the work done by the employee for billable hours. The advanced feature can also involve an automated payroll for billable hours wherein an automatic payment method can be integrated to the employee through the preferred mode. A detailed report of productivity and performance can be fetched through timesheets.
  • Project Management: To streamline the workflow and to set up the deadlines for the deliverables, this feature is a must-have while choosing the type of time tracking software. This also helps in optimizing the project cost.
  • Online Invoicing: Automating the generation of invoices based on billable work hours saves time. It also ensures transparency and accuracy, thus avoiding disputes. Streamlining and automating this process saves on the hassles of accounting.
  • Integration: The tool must have the capability of integrating the tracking system with other departments or third parties. This provides an overall business view and interdepartmental dependencies can be easily managed.
  • Reports And Analytics: Generating automated reports in the desired formats helps the managers to give a holistic view of various projects they might handle. It helps in quantifying the performance of the team members. These analytics helps the manager to make changes in the strategies at the right time for better outputs.

Conclusion: Time is the key to both success and failure. Tracking and ensuring that the time is utilized in the best manner is what an organization looks for. Implementing time tracking software is the need of the hour.

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